OnCue Technologies demonstrates interactive POS system


At this year's Customer Engagement Technology World, OnCue Technologies brought a demo unit of an interactive POS system for retail which features audio and video response. Sy Walker, OnCue's VP of product development, walks us through the features of the machine in this video.


CETW: Keynote Paul Price on social media

Paul Price, CEO of Creative Realities, discusses how technology is getting better, cheaper and faster - and how the rate of change is accelerating, and why it is crucial for companies to be aware of the intersection of social and mobile.

Organizers cancel CETW 2013 Vegas show, focus solely on NYC

Growing the NYC show will be the priority of CETW organizers in 2013.

Commentary: Using digital engagements to connect with today's shoppers

A CETW panel discussed making use of technology and DOOH throughout the retail purchase process.

CETW: Age and gender detection

Lo-K displayed its LOOK application at CETW fall 2011. The tool identifies the age and gender of passers-by, enabling retailers to do a better job of merchandising to them.

CETW: It's iPads to the rescue for POD info

Few things frustrate shoppers more than sales assistants who don't know their products or their inventories. Reality Interactive's Jetty Hartsky shows off her company's iPad-based POD solution to that very problem: the sales e-binder.

CETW: NCR's endless-aisle solution

NCR used its booth at the fall 2011 CETW to showcase its endless-aisle solution. It enables retailers to bring their e-commerce functionality into the store for use when customers want products not currently in stock.

CETW: ComQi says 'Shazam'

Stu Armstrong talks about ComQi's recent partnership with the Shazam mobile app, which provides an audio alternative to QR codes.

CETW: The integration of mobile, digital signage and kiosks

Digital Signage Today editor Christopher Hall talks to 3Seventy about integration trends and impacts.

CETW: The four-finger ultra-slim kiosk Touch Revolution

Kiosk Marketplace editor Cherryh Butler discusses a new kiosk model at Customer Engagement Technology World.

CETW: Kiosk keyboards take on a more natural feel

TG3 Electronics demonstrated keyboards that mimic the feel of ordinary ones without compromising ruggedness.

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DSA announces venue for party at CETW San Francisco

The Digital Screenmedia Association (DSA) will hold "The DSA Party @ CETW" at The City Club of San Francisco from 7-10 p.m. March 28.The party is in conjunction with Customer Engagement Technology World (CETW), a conference and expo on digital...

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