Black Friday loved by younger consumers, not so much by the older shopper

Black Friday is more appealing to the younger consumer as they are the most interested in potential saving.


Live webinar: How millennials disrupt shopping and the new world of connected shopping

Retail Customer Experience is hosting a free one-hour webinar focusing on the shifting marketing, merchandising and brand strategies in the quest to attract the millennial consumer

The birds and the bees of customer experience design

Meeting customer expectations has changed, forever. Meantime, corporate initiatives can take a long time to implement and poorly executed inititives can really challenge the return on investment.

4 questions retailers must answer to drive the ultimate customer experience

Retailers face an increasingly competitive marketplace, buffeted continually by the need to evolve and adopt the newest technologies introduced to the market.

Consumers are rapidly blurring lines and changing channels

Future success requires going boldly where no one has gone before.

Going beyond the discount with new approaches to spur brand loyalty

Retailers seeking to reward shoppers can tap new loyalty program approaches to attract new customers, boost revenues and provide memorable experiences for consumers.

ICX Symposium: What's guiding your digital media value?

Today's consumer is a visual consumer who expects interactive communication and has about an 8-second attention span -- and the customer experience is no longer as much about price and product as it is about three other specific terms: place, process and people.

ICX Symposium: Transforming retail with responsive store

When it comes to a successful interactive customer experience today’s businesses must focus on finding a balance as there is often a big mismatch between a retailer’s view of the customer’s needs and what the customer wants in the consumer experience.

ICX Symposium: The future is here (it's just unevenly distributed)

There is a tidal wave of disruption happening across every industry with the intersection of technology innovation and fast-changing customer expectations, and today's business has to respond quick and fast to avoid being drowned out of business.

Should we make the holiday shopping season a 365-day effort, or not?

There's more than one trend hitting this holiday season and the impact may just change everyone's retail experience. But will it be for the good or for the bad?

How Homebase's content strategy is driving stronger customer engagement

Taking a 'scorched earth' strategy is expensive, time consuming and challenging for retailers aiming to boost customer engagement and ecommerce. There are tools that can be integrated for fast return-on-investement.

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Live webinar targets location-based marketing for retail segment

As consumer usage continues to shift to mobile, location-based advertising is becoming one of the fastest growing strategies for retailers when it comes to digital advertising Using real-time location data connects real-world behavior — like the places consumers visit and...

Tennessee tops in Black Friday consumer enthusiasm, shopper assaults

Retailers in Tennessee, Arkansas and Alabama are most likely shoring up storefront security more than competitors in New York, California and Florida given those three states are the top three in terms of Black Friday fighting incidents.

Walmart going full steam on Black Friday discounts starting on Thanksgiving

Walmart adjusts holiday sales strategy in light of changing consumer shopping behavior.

Restaurateurs, retailers battle for out-of-home breakfast bucks

C-stores and supermarkets are expanding foodservice offerings to hold onto their share of stomach as the balance of food dollars teeters more toward away-from-home food preparation

Amazon's growing workforce is proof people are shopping more online

Amazon announced plans to hire 100,000 people for the holidays, which is 25 percent more employees than it added last year.

Poor inventory control equates to shopper disappointment, lost sales for retailers

A whopping 81 percent of consumers experienced an "out-of-stock" experience in the past 12 months, resulting in lost sales for retailers and lots of disappointment for in-store shoppers.

Holiday shoppers not so confident in Black Friday sales, shopping early this year

Consumers are holiday shopping earlier than ever and aren’t banking on Black Friday and Cyber Monday for making bulk purchases.

The retail consumer in 2020: Older, a bit frugal yet mostly optimistic

The retail consumer will most likely be female, older, living in a smaller household than today and likely living on their own come 2020.

Study: Consumer loyalty is a pretty fickle thing

Consumers will jump ship for better security, convenient payment options and alluring discounts.

Macy's targets millennial consumers with a special shopping experience

Special shopping section will even boast a 'blow dry bar' in the near future.

Holiday shopping season underway but big consumer wave hasn't hit just yet

The good news for retailers who haven’t yet geared up for the big holiday sales push is that more than half, 55 percent, won’t be anywhere near done with holiday shopping until into December.

Why it's time to gear up for the big holiday shopping season

New survey reveals small businesses should get going on digital strategy to capitalize on holiday sales time.

Kroger ramps up data analytics to spur customer, consumer engagement

Supermarket chain aims to tap deeper data insight to drive more strategic business efforts.

Walmart gets its own special retail experience center

The showroom and simulated store operations center is focused on helping the world's top retailer drive new ideas and strategies in omnichannel efforts and customer experience.

Tech plays bigger role in consumer purchase, altering shopping experience

In-store sales remain vibrant and account for more than nine-tenths of all retail spend, reveals new retail transaction study findings.

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Shopping is about more than just buying things. It's a complex relationship between buyer and seller, one that impacts the shopper on a psychological level. Understanding the mental processes behind customer behavior will give you a better chance of successfully reaching those customers.