Digital Display Technology: An Introduction to Digital Signage

Digital signage is a viable and effective communications tool, but companies taking the first step in signage deployment will be much more successful on the playing field if they understand the basics of what digital media is and how it operates. Learn the basics of digital signage and how to make it most effective.

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Jackson-Hewitt Franchisee Speeds In-Store Retail Kiosk Deployment with Cradlepoint Network Solutions

During tax season, Jackson-Hewitt of northern Georgia offers tax preparation services in retail locations like Walmart and K-Mart. They set up temporary kiosks in these retail locations that require Internet access and phone service.

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Healthier workplace snack options enabled by Cradlepoint powered kiosks

Cradlepoint IBR600 and MBR1200 provide quick and easy deployment and ensure kiosks remain up and running.

Type: Case Study

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5 signs you're in a relationship with the consumer … or not

The most important 'sale' made every day is building relationships.

Talking With: Humm CEO Bernard Briggs on building the customer relationship

The customer relationship requires knowing the customer, determining their needs and what they expect.

5 questions CMOs must ask when "they don't show up"

Marketers need to engage like they are throwing a party for friends.

Webinar download available: What Which Wich learned on its quest for perfect CRM

Experts offered insight on how to choose the best customer relationship management partner and technology from the enterprise retailer perspective and the vendor viewpoint.

How data-driven creative is transforming the customer-retailer relationship

Data-driven insights are creating a new language for retailers and marketers to deliver personalization.

Ideas to retain service quality in a growing company

Small companies often deliver a higher-quality customer experience than larger companies. But as small companies grow, it becomes more difficult to stay close to the customer, and deliver a personalized experience. Listen to this roundtable teleconference from Friday, May 6,...

Macy's loyalty pilot still circling the runway

Fans of I.N.C, Martha Stewart and other Macy's exclusive brands will have to wait a while before earning new reward points for their purchases. In a conference call with analysts May 11, Chief Financial Officer Karen Hoguet said the results...

Supermarket chain Big Y offers rewards card - with a fee

While some consumers expressed interest in the new plan, others were unenthusiastic.

Five ways to personalize the e-commerce experience

Enhancing the online experience with personalization can yield higher conversion rates and build trust and loyalty.

Organization engagement: Five key steps to aligning around the customer

Retailers might think they're customer-centric, but many customers experience the opposite.

Five barriers to building retail customer loyalty

Loyalty programs should be about companies demonstrating their loyalty to customers, not the other way around.

A missed opportunity to add loyalty value?

At COLLOQUY, we regularly discuss the benefits of using loyalty program data to improve customer relationships and targeted customer communication. But can a company be sued for not using its loyalty data? Apparently so: Safeway was recently sued by a...

Opinion: Most mobile retail strategies aren't innovative enough

Many proposed scenarios are just new twists on old ways of doing business, says one expert.

NRF: Convergent technologies on the retail horizon

Shoppers want a seamless cross-channel experience; retailers who miss on convergence could fall behind.

Service with a Capital You

It always bugged me that almost every specialty store displays its small-sized clothes on the top rack, where small people cannot easily reach them, while the large sizes are at the bottom. If one store switched this practice around, I...

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Customer relationship management is the science of finding customers, knowing their wants and needs, and being able to reach out to them at the most opportune times. CRM is both a discipline and a set of tools – and it is changing every day.