Great Omnichannel Expectations

How Retailers Can Off er More Personalized, Consistent Shopping Experiences That Increase Sales And Deepen Customer Loyalty

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Webinar: Managing the Holiday Rush: Harnessing Self-Service for Improved Customer Care

In 2015, retail sales increased by 3 percent while online stores sales increased by 9 percent. During the months of November and December, sales spiked dramatically – driving 30 percent more ecommerce revenue than during non-holiday months.

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Implementing EMV in the U.S.

Instant issuance allows financial institutions to transition cardholders gradually or quickly to EMV, meeting your individual institutions’ needs and consumer acceptance levels.

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The Missing Link: How to combine customer care and customer experience to build awareness, create loyalty and grow revenue

For too long, retailers have considered customer care to be only a cost. Instead, by combining it with customer experience, big data and predictive analytics, customer care can actually generate revenue.

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ebook - The Future of Retail

With the advent and adoption of mobile, social, and ecommerce technologies, customer expectations are changing. They want an in-store experience that takes advantage of their always-on technology.

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SlabbKiosks Collaborate to Provide Educational Support through Kiosks

EDUCATION SERVICE CENTER, REGION 20 (ESC 20) is one of 20 regional education service agencies within Texas which assist school districts in improving student performance and increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of school operations.In 2010, the Center was looking for a solution to offer their clients online access.

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It's All About the Customer Experience

Great experiences keep customers coming back time and time again. Give your customers a “wow” experience and they will tell their friends and colleagues and share on social media.

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mPOS 101

What merchants need to know about mobile point-of-sale technology.

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The Retail Customer Evolution

For those who think online and mobile shopping are leading to the demise of physical retail stores, think again. 75% of purchases are still being made in-store.

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Designing Your Corporate Identity

Establishing your brand has never been more important. With so much competition in today’s global market, you need to put your best foot forward if you plan to stand out from the crowd. Capturing the attention of your audience means crafting a brand with personality and staying power, through thoughtful creation of your corporate identity.

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Case Study: Mood+The Pantry

To support their efforts to create a consistent, positive experience and communicate with customers at the point of purchase, The Pantry was interested in identifying an in-store solutions partner who could deliver top-tier solutions and provide a responsive level of service to locations in both rural and urban areas throughout the Southeast.

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Case Study: Mood+The North Face

Mood partnered with The North Face to produce a cohesive, branded music experience across for North Face retail outlets nationwide.

Type: Case Study

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