Amazon most intimate brand, reveals new research

When it comes to brand intimacy Amazon is leading the pack.


Email marketing remains a viable customer experience tool

Email is ubiquitous personally and professionally, which means email marketing is far from dead.

How Homebase's content strategy is driving stronger customer engagement

Taking a 'scorched earth' strategy is expensive, time consuming and challenging for retailers aiming to boost customer engagement and ecommerce. There are tools that can be integrated for fast return-on-investement.

Jet jettisons membership fee citing bigger than expected sales drops membership fee just as initial free three-month subscription time frame comes to a close.

Why technology collaboration, integration are key for online retail success

There's robust growth predicted for the holiday online retail season but capitalizing isn't a sure thing. An expert offers up insight on what retailers need to do to attain success.

5 'don’ts' and 1 ‘do’ for making the customer experience rich and robust

Simple, common sense strategies in communicating with shoppers can prove rewarding for businesses and consumers.

Will the future of retail be place, purple fairy dust or prime?

The battle for core customers is heating up on many fronts

Creating a personal experience: First steps and the best steps

Experts offer up insight on what to do first in the personalization strategy and how to get started with some simple steps.

Online personal touch can prove as elusive as finding boat sneakers in the fall

The personal experience can be missing at even the most tenured ecommerce retailers as a search for white sneakers reveals.

Securing the retail experience: Tips to avoid the disastrous data breach

Shoppers love convenience, but as one security expert relates, convenience should never be viewed as more important than data and transaction security.

Why the brick-and-mortar storefront isn’t going anywhere

In-store and online retail experiences are not mutually exclusive. In each retail environment the customers deserves the same loyalty points, custom product recommendations, local sales insight.

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Ex-Walgreens leader steps into new chief role at Kohl’s

Kohl’s has a new chief operating officer, having hired on former Walgreens e-commerce chief Sona Chawla.

Walmart revamps Cyber Monday into Cyber Sunday

The world's biggest retailer jump starts the online shopping day of the year one day earlier and is offering quadruple the number of sales items.

Start-up targets Amazon with pricing service benefitting retailers, consumers

Price service aims to connect local retailers with Amazon Prime members who want the cheapest price while supporting nearby stores.

Walmart going full steam on Black Friday discounts starting on Thanksgiving

Walmart adjusts holiday sales strategy in light of changing consumer shopping behavior.

China’s big online shopping day a big revenue success

The annual online Chinese shopping day beats out any other global holiday shopping season.

J.C. Penney opts to open earlier on turkey day this year

J.C. Penney is hoping Thanksgiving Day shoppers will want an earlier jump time than 5 p.m. and is opening its doors to accommodate those consumers eager to find a bargain.

Macy's, Target opening late Thanksgiving Day

Retailers are taking various stances in regards to opening stores, online and offline, on Thanksgiving.

REI shuttering stores Black Friday, urges fans, workers to enjoy the outdoors

Outdoor retailer REI is closing its doors to shoppers and urging employees, as well as consumers, to enjoy the biggest shopping day of the year in the outdoors.

Amazon kicks off Black Friday weeks ahead of top shopping day

Amazon is setting its own Black Friday season, by kicking off holiday deals as November arrives.

Watch out Amazon: Wal-Mart prepping drone delivery service, seeking fed's approval

Amazon's drone service will have a big competitor as Wal-Mart is seeking federal approval for such delivery approach as well.

Sears launches service melding online shopping with in-store expertise

Online consumers seeking home appliance insight can now easily connect with knowledgeable associates with in-store appointment service.

Consumers will spend more holiday shopping online and spend more money this year

This holiday season consumer will be shopping online more than last year and spending more than in 2014.

Retailers: Tech is big hurdle in advancing business, driving forward

Old cranky point-of-sale systems are a big obstacle in driving the retail business forward, but a new system isn't the silver bullet, retailers acknowledge in a new research report.

Study: Millennial males are most active online wine shopper

What's most surprising is that the top online wine shopper demographic is also the most active brick-and-mortar wine consumer as well.

Holiday shoppers not so confident in Black Friday sales, shopping early this year

Consumers are holiday shopping earlier than ever and aren’t banking on Black Friday and Cyber Monday for making bulk purchases.

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