Kiosks in Retail 101

Self-service kiosks increasingly are becoming a fixture of the retail landscape. As they become more popular, the devices are changing the way retailers serve their customers.

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SlabbKiosks X4T Wall Mount Interactive Signage

The X4T is a mounted version of one of our more popular wall mount interactive signage models. Like the Q5, the X4T is rugged, robust and vandal-resistant. It is available in any color with standard HD resolution and no external wiring.

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SlabbKiosks X7 Kiosk Enclosure

The X7 kiosk is elegant with a rugged steel enclosure that is ideal for high usage locations. It is available with or without our signature stainless steel poles and can be outfitted with an optional side brochure rack, making it a perfect transactional or retail kiosk.

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Four Strategies for Kiosk Application Design

For a successful kiosk deployment, it's important that the application design be intuitive and easy to use. A kiosk application that is too complicated or inconsistent will drive customers away. Learn four common mistakes deployers make in kiosk application design and how to avoid them.

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Meridian Kiosks, Bloom make grocery shopping a Breeze

Meridian Kiosks helped Bloom launch its innovative Breeze Info Station, creating an all-in-one kiosk loaded with value for customers and branded with Bloom's vision of service and quality.

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Putting Small Form-Factor Kiosks to Work in Retail

Often times the question is asked, "Kiosks make sense for our stores, but how can we justify the investment?" The answer is to find a low cost device, with a versatile feature set, that can multi-task, and be more than...

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Benefits of Space-Saving Multifunctional Kiosks in Non-Retail Sectors

Increased versatility of kiosks enhances security, efficiency and productivity in sectors such as education and healthcare.

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Active Ride Shop is "dropping in" with IBM Remote Management Agent to slash downtime and streamline operations

Active Ride is dropping in with IBM Remote Management Agent to slash downtime and streamline operations. Active Ride also recently updated its POS technology with sleek IBM SurePOS 500 touchscreen terminals linked to fast, high quality IBM SureMark printers and back-office xSeries servers to speed store checkout and collect customer data.

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Retail Multi-Function Transactional Kiosks: Create Compelling In-Store Experiences

Source Technologies provides retailers a deeper understanding of how the proven multi-function kiosk hardware and software platform not only automates revenue-generating retail processes but can also drive traffic into retail stores.

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Case Study: Manheim Auto Auction Company

Manheim Auto Auction Company chooses Source Technologies’ kiosks for account checking and registration.

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Self-Service Bill Payment: Killer App on a Kiosk

Source Technologies creates innovative, flexible solutions that give companies the power to control transactions, disbursements, and other secure business processes through dynamic printer, software, and self-service solutions.

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Case Study: Kiosk Bottling Company

The world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of soft drinks and beverages uses Source Technologies’ kiosks

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Many kiosks are devoted to a single task, but others are true multi-taskers — dispensing product information and store directions one minute, dispensing cash or gift cards a minute later. Building and deploying an effective multi-function kiosks requires a combination of user interface design, technical prowess and IT integration skills.