Meridian Kiosks, Bloom make grocery shopping a Breeze

Meridian Kiosks helped Bloom launch its innovative Breeze Info Station, creating an all-in-one kiosk loaded with value for customers and branded with Bloom's vision of service and quality.

Type: Case Study

Sponsor: Meridian

Slabb X Series

Slabb’s freestanding kiosk is one of the more popular product lines manufactured by the company. The series includes the Informational (X5), Transactional (X6) and Wayfinding (X10) models and can be customized for the needs of any organization or business.

Type: Fact Sheet

Sponsor: SlabbKiosks

Limitations of Kiosk Mode

Windows 8 introduces a new feature that has effectively been dubbed "Kiosk Mode" due to its ability to lock down Windows to a single application that the user can run. This kiosk mode option can be useful for a surface level of security, but does not provide the level of security necessary for self-service or public access computers.

Type: White Paper

Sponsor: KioWare

Kioware Case Study: Water World Self-Service Locker Kiosks Decrease Wait Times

Improving the guest experience while simultaneously increasing revenue and decreasing wait time is an all-around win for Hyland Hills Water World and RFID enabled self-service kiosks. Read more about how kiosk technology can help build a brand, improve guest flow, and increase revenue in a well-known Colorado amusement park.

Type: Case Study

Sponsor: KioWare

Kioware Case Study: Newport News Public Library System Transitions to Secure Public Access Kiosks

Public libraries have dealt with the issue of public access computing for many years. The requirement for safe computing usage while simultaneously providing access to information poses a technical challenge. Learn how Kioware configured exclusive access kiosks for The Newport News Public Library System.

Type: Case Study

Sponsor: KioWare

Gamer by Signifi

A self-service solution that improves the process of selling games at retail. The Gamer joins the line-up of next-generation automated stores designed, developed and manufactured by Signifi.

Type: Brochure

Sponsor: Signifi Solutions

Customer Experience Technology Buyer's Guide 2012

Smartphones, digital signage, kiosks and other technologies offer endless possibilities for enhancing the customer experience. The 2012 Customer Experience Technology Buyer’s Guide will help you find the right partners to implement the latest solutions in your business. From the publishers...

Type: Special Report

Sponsor: Reflect Systems

Employee Self Service HR Deployment

A leading global food and beverage company needed to provide a portal to Human Resources tools to more efficiently serve 40,000 disconnected employees in their manufacturing and distribution facilities. With the help of Kiosk Information Systems, they implemented an 800-unit...

Type: Case Study

Sponsor: KIOSK Information Systems

KioWare Mobile Devices and Self-Service

The self-service industry has another new technology to absorb: mobile devices. These devices, such as the iPad, have become more functional and are available in a broader range of products. As companies seek new technology opportunities, usage has expanded from the originally intended user (consumers) to self-service.

Type: White Paper

Sponsor: KioWare

Human Resource Applications on Kiosks

Many industrial and healthcare organizations have staff with no permanent work location and no access to the intranet. This leaves them to perform Human Resource functions with paper in long hand. The solution is to provide a computer kiosk in a convenient location, such as a cafeteria, that enables access to the HR applications on the intranet.

Type: White Paper

Sponsor: KioWare

IKEA makes website available in-store

Imagine having the product knowledge of every retail store employee at your fingertips. Imagine no longer, this has now become reality as many retailers turn to product information kiosks to supplement busy sales associate staff.

Type: Case Study

Sponsor: KioWare

Kiosks for Idiots, written by a former self-proclaimed kiosk idiot

In any self-service kiosk project, there are three major components needed to determine its success: the hardware, the user application and the kiosk system software. The purpose of a kiosk is to interact with users and all three components are necessary to bring users to the kiosk to accomplish its task.

Type: Presentation

Sponsor: KioWare

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