How to Profit from ATMs: A Guide for Retailers and Restaurateurs

This report provides an in-depth guide for retailers, restaurateurs and other businesses that are considering installing ATMs on their premises.

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Sponsor: Elan Financial Services

RFID: Transforming the Omnichannel Retailing Experience

Omnichannel retailing is changing how the industry views the retail store. Retail stores are finding themselves functioning not only as a retail storefront but also as a shipping and fulfillment center. The key in this omnichannel universe is enhanced inventory visibility and control.

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Leveraging Engagement Technology for the Holiday Season

Learn four touchpoints to provide an exceptional customer experience.

Type: White Paper

Sponsor: HP Inc.

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The JC Penney debacle: Where did Johnson go wrong?

JC Penney returns to high-low pricing, but the damage to the brand may be irreparable.

Stock Up on Customer Engagement

It might not be a miracle, but Macy’s may reach a 34th milestone by Christmas. Shares of Macy’s Inc. hit a two-year high today when the Cincinnati-based department store chain announced sales that beat its own expectations, encouraging it to...

Mobile Retail Monday: Simon Malls

The app offers lots of options, but suffers from not having enough relevant content.

Putting on the Charm: A Look at Charming Charlie

Charming Charlie is becoming the darling of shopping malls as it expands the number of store units nationwide. The secret of Charming Charlie’s success is its focus on delivering value to its customers. Value isn’t just low prices – although...

How Much is that Downy in the Window?

Heard the one about the fabric softener and the sleepwalker? The punch line takes place in a department store. Such is a synopsis of Procter & Gamble's latest promotion of its Downy brand, an ambitious campaign that partners popular comedian...

How To Politely Say, "You Suck" to a Retailer

When you don't get a word from an employee at a store, call them on it with this simple tool to improve their customer service. 

A View into Your Holiday Morning

Regardless of the Black Friday hype, the holiday shopping season still has a long way to go. After all, the Saturday before Christmas is often the busiest shopping day of the year. Still, retailers are off to a decent start – at least by some measures.

The holiday retail frenzy begins, but what about long-term loyalty?

Every year, the holiday retail frenzy seems to start earlier and earlier. This time around, it seemed like the Halloween decorations weren't even put up before the Christmas promotions came out to play. In an era of sluggish retail sales...

Rumors of the Death of Aspirational Shopping Are Greatly Exaggerated

The goal of aspirational brands is to allow us to feel better about ourselves. That’s what we have always done. And always will do.

This Year, Let the Grown-Ups Have a Holiday

Good news for retailers: Children may find actual brand-name toys – not recession-age oranges, IOUs or dollar-store coloring books – in their stockings this holiday season. But while we’re spending, let’s make sure more adults find something wrapped under the...

Yes Virginia, Retail Holiday Sales Will Suck... Again!

Wherever you look from now until the first week of January, there will be one consistent message: retail holiday sales will suck. That's because the evidence shows, regardless of reality or economic circumstances, the stories are the same. 

Nordstrom Integrates Social Media on New Web Site

Nordstrom's new website is killer. It blends the best of efficiency and design in one site that's easy to use, feels great, and keeps the customer focused on buying not browsing. Searching is customer-centric, social media is built in, and the site experience is closer to the in-store experience than any other retailer I know. Two thumbs up!

Choo-Choo! Shoppers May be Trading Up

Chin-up, glossy-floored department stores. U.S.

Rebuttal to Mary Hunt in Woman's Day Magazine: Retailers Don't Trick Customers

Mary Hunt takes aim at retailers by telling Amiable personalities they are all wrong and should become like her, an Analytical. I hate this type of X-files "they" are trying to "do" something to you. See why she's all wrong and why.

If the Culture Fits

In the humorous commercials from California’s Milk Advisory Board, viewers are told that "great cheese comes from happy cows." Whether or not cheerful bovines offer up the best cheddar may be up for debate—but it clearly illustrates that keeping employees...

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The shopping mall is a unique ecosystem, one in which certain types of businesses survive and thrive that would not make sense in a standalone location. Here you'll learn about what works for mall retail, and how those retailers can improve their sales by making a day at the mall a better, more rewarding experience for shoppers.