Fitting Room of the Future

Developments in retail technology are offering the potential to boost sales with targeted add-ons.

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Digital Display Technology: An Introduction to Digital Signage

Digital signage is a viable and effective communications tool, but companies taking the first step in signage deployment will be much more successful on the playing field if they understand the basics of what digital media is and how it operates. Learn the basics of digital signage and how to make it most effective.

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Why Implement A Voc Program?

With rare exceptions, companies no longer have the luxury of competing on price alone. Today, the great differentiator is the customer experience (CX).

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Talking With: Zebra Technologies on why Wi-Fi is a must-have retail technology

Implementing a free guest Wi-Fi can pay off in more ways than one and by 2017 an estimated 56 percent of retailers will be on board. But every retailer needs to be in the game.

Loyalty limelight: Vail Resorts' smart passes lead to peak engagement

In a nutshell: In 2007, Vail Resorts began embedding RFID chips into its passes so it could more quickly and easily check tickets at airlifts. The single- and multi-day ski passes, which are issued at Vail's five resorts, are automatically picked up by special readers at the platform, allowing skiers to more quickly board the lift.

BLE vs. NFC: The future of mobile consumer engagement now [infographic]

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Near Field Communications (NFC) are playing a key role in helping mobile technologies redefine how businesses and consumers engage with one another.

CETW12: 5 Things to look for at CETW NYC

CETW in New York City is set to open; here's what to look for this year.

Motorola shares vision for future of retail

Motorola unveiled new customer experience solutions at its New York event this week.

President Clinton, new technologies headed to NRF 2012

More than 22,000 attendees will explore the latest technologies to help improve their customer experience.

Macy's heard it on the radio

If Macy's isn't carrying enough of your size, it isn't for lack of trying. The department store chain, which has long sought to perfect the art and science of inventory management, plans to install RFID technology at all of its U.S. stores by late 2012.

Check out this Checkout: RFID-enabled kiosks deliver more than just a cool factor

Now more than ever, retailers are focusing on the customer experience at the point-of-sale in order to provide the best service possible to increasingly demanding consumers. Savvy retailers are looking to technology to give the customer control over the checkout experience through self-service kiosks.

Why hasn't RFID adoption taken off in retail?

New technologies, trends point to RFID making a big impact on retail in the coming months.

Retailers, manufacturers announce joint effort to advance item-level RFID

The initial focus of the Item Level RFID Initiative will be within the apparel sector.

Retail Summit Review

Reflections and Takeaways

Microsoft's Retail Experience Center: It's all about connectedness

The Redmond giant's retail test lab focuses on connecting all the moving parts of a retail enterprise, right down to the customer level.

Basket-at-once scanning technology exists, but retailers aren't biting

RFID-based scanners can massively speed up checkout and cut wait times, but supply chain challenges have prevented adoption.

Vodafone WOW Stores

YDreams developed this exciting shopping environment for Vodafone stores in Portugal, Lille, Bordeaux and Aix-en-Provence. Featured applications range from interactive, 24/7 shop windows and virtual promoters to user-friendly touchscreen kiosks and

Walkthru: NRF's Customer Experience Concept Store

At the NRF 98th Annual Convention & Expo, the message seemed to be this: If a great customer experience can drive people into the store to buy music, then there is no retailer anywhere who doesn't stand to benefit from...

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