Backoff is the new standard by which other malware will be judged


Every now and then, hackers develop a piece of malware that is so insidious, it changes the landscape of computer security. While there are many contenders for this dubious list, CodeRed, Zeus, and now Backoff are certainly worthy of inclusion.


5 Lessons Learned From Recent Retail Data Breaches [infographic]

Here are some hard lessons learned for retailers concerning data breaches.

Hackers may just look to embarrass you

When you think about electronic security, what comes to mind? Do you consider how vulnerable your customer credit cards are, or how easily someone can break into your on-line bank account? These are the most profitable avenues of attack that...

Universal Plug and Play: A new report on an old problem

In the dark ages of personal computers (1980’s and 90’s), you either needed to be a computer geek or have access to one if you wanted any device to work with your computer. You had to go through a complicated driver installation process, and possibly replace system files.

Earthlink VP talks PCI compliance at NRF 2013

Earthlink's VP of MPLS Network Solutions Greg Griffiths discusses the company's new solutions for PCI compliance and its new service level agreement.

POS users: A new attack has been discovered

During the Christmas holidays, families across America were anxiously awaiting the day of merriment and joy when they could rip open their presents, spend time with family, and watch football on the couch while recovering from a feast fit for a king. Computer hackers were looking forward to the holidays as well.

What do you do after you become PCI compliant?

Congratulations! You took the time to become PCI (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant by accurately filling out your Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) and passing all the requirements; remediating your location until you internal and external vulnerability scans passed; and...

Feds charge a suspected major cyber thief

Everyone in retail can breathe a little easier today knowing that federal authorities have charged David Benjamin Schrooten, or as he is known in cyber space "Foretezza", with multiple counts of credit card theft. Allegedly, Mr Schrooten, who is a Dutch national, and his U.S.

There is more to PCI than your POS software

There is an ugly truth in the world if you process your credit cards through your POS software. Businesses that fall under this model must understand that software alone, even if it meets the PCI requirements as dictated by PA-DSS (Payment Application Data Security Standard), is not enough by itself to make you PCI compliant.

CETW12: KioWare develops software for Android-based kiosks

KioWare has increased its protection of Android-based kiosk solutions for retail environments. The company’s president, Jim Kruper, explained to Joe Grove with at CETW in San Francisco, why the company chose to design its protection software for Android as opposed to Apple.

MasterCard EMV announcement: The reality

In 2011, Visa announced a plan to introduce the Europay MasterCard Visa standard (EMV) to the US market, and to do so, they determined that they should incentivize large retailers to hop on board. With that in mind they created...

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Research: 'Preparing for 2015: The Year of the Liability Shift'

A new Mercator research note explores factors influencing the willingness, motivation and speed of payments players in implementing EMV technology.

Survey says 45 percent of shoppers don't trust retailers to keep their data safe

Retail marketing firm Interactions has released its third Retail Perceptions trend report, "Retail's Reality: Shopping Behavior After Security Breaches." According to the report, 44 percent of shoppers surveyed have had personal information stolen from a security breach. The risk is...

One in four consumers are victims of card fraud

A global fraud study of more than 6,100 consumers across 20 countries has revealed that one in four consumers has been a victim of card fraud in the last five years. The study, conducted by ACI Worldwide and Aite Group,...

RILA announces cybersecurity initiative

The Retail Industry Leaders Association announced today that it will expand its commitment to cybersecurity and data privacy by launching a comprehensive initiative to address evolving cyber-threats and to promote additional safeguards for personal data in the payment ecosystem. The...

NRF: Holiday return fraud will cost $3.4B

As one of the most serious, but often most misunderstood, retail loss prevention issues, return fraud costs retailers billions of dollars every year. According to NRF’s 2013 Return Fraud Survey completed by loss prevention executives at 62 retail companies, the...

Checkpoint launches RFID system for retail point-of-exit

Checkpoint Systems, Inc., a supplier of merchandise availability solutions for the retail industry, has announced RFID-based EAS Overhead 2.0, which the company says delivers improved inventory visibility and loss prevention benefits at the point-of-exit. Overhead 2.0 is a key component...

Webinar will look at increasing conversion rates on mobile apps

Mobile Payments Today and Jumio will present a live webinar, "How Travelocity Increased Conversion Engagement on its Mobile Apps," on Sept. 19 at 2 p.m.

Checkpoint intros hardware for RFID transition

Checkpoint Systems, a supplier of shrink management, merchandise visibility and apparel labeling solutions for the retail industry, today announced the launch of EVOLVE Exclusive E10, a range of RF- and RFID-based antennas designed to match a retailer's aesthetics. The EVOLVE...

Revel announces EMV and PCI compatibility

Revel Systems today announced that its iPad POS system now provides EMV compatibility in preparation for upcoming deadlines for EMV certification and PCI compliance. With credit card fraud on the rise and standards set to change over the next few...

CradlePoint demos cloud-based 'connected retail experience' at NRF BIG Show

CradlePoint, a provider of 3G/4G wireless networking for the distributed enterprise, today announced its participation at the 2013 National Retail Federation BIG Show, showcasing solutions that include digital signage and interactive kiosks. CradlePoint will be showcasing wireless network solutions, an...

Self-checkout theft detection to showcase at NRF

Theft at the self-checkout is an ongoing issue for retailers. According to StopLift Checkout Vision Systems, theft occurs five times more at self-checkout than manned checkout — a figure gathered by the company's theft-detecting Self-Checkout Accelerator. The company announced that...

Invisible EAS tags unveiled by Nedap

Nedap Retail has announced a solution to the bulky plastic security tags that often hinder the shopper experience of trying on clothes. The company, in a partnership with Kovio, today unveiled a new category of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) tags...

Barnes & Noble admits to hacker attack

Barnes & Noble customers should be closely watching their credit card statements following a recent hacker attack on the bookseller. According to reports, shoppers' credit card information was compromised at 63 locations across the country. The company confirmed that the breach was first noticed on Sept.

Walmart, American Express roll out Bluebird

According to an article on, Walmart and American Express are launching a prepaid card that they say offers unique services designed to help shoppers manage and control their everyday finances. The card, named Bluebird, began during a pilot program...

Smartphone Armageddon a real threat, article reports

With personal finance transactions moving from the PC to the smartphone, there is a growing concern with security and the temptation for skilled hackers to retrieve sensitive information from mobile devices. It's dubbed "smartphone Armageddon" in an article on,...

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