Same-day delivery matters more to young shoppers than older consumers

The younger shopping set is much more interested in same-day delivery than the senior set and such a retail strategy could pay off given the focus on serving the millennial this holiday shopping season.


5 pros and cons of scaling a retail operation

Before you sign on the dotted line for a new location, consider these pros and cons of scaling your retail business.

Tips, advice on preparing the brand for unit expansion

Brand unit and location growth requires capital and resources, but there are some other critical aspects as well, according to several successful franchise and restaurant leaders.

ICX Symposium: Transforming retail with responsive store

When it comes to a successful interactive customer experience today’s businesses must focus on finding a balance as there is often a big mismatch between a retailer’s view of the customer’s needs and what the customer wants in the consumer experience.

FCES15: How beverages factor into the restaurant customer connection

Beverages are an important aspect of the consumer dining experience. Being on trend is key to success, say experts.

FCES15: Tips on building a foundation for profitable growth

Strategic and profitable growth for today's restaurants, quick service eateries and retailers is a comprehensive endeavor. But it's doable and the number one tip to getting a foundation built is to jump in and start making it happen.

From baby shoes to custom shoes in supply chain reliability

Our version of the supply chain today has become much more complex. Along with this complexity, the role of supply chain management (SCM) has increased in importance.

Blue Bell kicks off product restocking following recall

Blue Bell Ice Cream is kicking off a five-phase product deployment today and getting its product back on shelves in Texas and Alabama.

Staples debuts entrepreneurial product portfolio

The seven winners of the Crowd2Shelf tech innovation contest are within consumers' reach at

3 ways to prep for the ban on trans fats

Food retailers can prepare for the ban by taking a few necessary steps.

Aligning store labor and inventory leads to customer advocacy

Inability to integrate labor and inventory forecasts can drag down customer experience.

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Start-up targets Amazon with pricing service benefitting retailers, consumers

Price service aims to connect local retailers with Amazon Prime members who want the cheapest price while supporting nearby stores.

Robot aims to help retailers keep a tally on product, inventory

Robotic system can help track inventory, avoid out-of-stock scenarios and product price tag validation.

Target aims to revamp food supply chain strategy, store closures loom as well

Target, facing pressures from online and brick-and-mortar competitors, is shuttering over a dozen failing stores and aims to revamp its food-supply chain strategy.

How Walmart teamed up to drive a successful Halloween candy offering

Love the pecan pie M&M? You can thank the world's biggest retailer.

Lululemon pulls in creative director, product chief departing

The executive and management revamp continues at the yoga pant maker which is having some supply chain issues.

NCR Silver boosts functionality for franchises, small business operators

NCR Small Business is upgrading its tablet point of sale system, NCR Silver, to give small business and franchises new marketing, inventory and communication features.

Poor inventory control equates to shopper disappointment, lost sales for retailers

A whopping 81 percent of consumers experienced an "out-of-stock" experience in the past 12 months, resulting in lost sales for retailers and lots of disappointment for in-store shoppers.

Peet’s Coffee & Tea, Stumptown won't be melding the retail experience

Peet’s Coffee & Tea is buying Stumptown Coffee Roasters, but customers won’t find both brands sharing counter space.

General Mills sells iconic Green Giant brand in $765M deal

General Mills aims to pay down debt and repurchase shares with net proceeds from sale.

Amazon opening yet another Texas fulfillment center

E-commerce giant already employs more than 3,500 in the state.

Zenput plugs in new task-management features to drive consistent store experience

Streamlined project management features promise to save time and money.

Amazon preps Illinois center for retail-distribution needs

Amazon is getting ready to open the doors of a 500,000-square-foot fulfillment center in Joliet, Illinois.

Macy, Bloomies expand same-day delivery markets

Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s delivering same-day delivery to nine more market locations.

Sysco steps away from US Foods acquisition following federal court injunction

Sysco Corp. won't be appealing a federal court ruling against its planned $3.5 billion acquisition of US Foods and will be going back to the drawing board to determine other venues for expanding its food distribution business.

Shoplifting, employee theft top reasons for $44B retail loss in 2014

Shoplifting is the key activity spurring retail loss and resulted in a fraud cost of $44 billion in 2014. The good news is the amount of loss is declining.

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If you don't have it in the store, they can't buy it — but too much inventory is almost just as bad. Supply chain management is the discipline of moving products from source to destination in the smartest way.