From baby shoes to custom shoes in supply chain reliability


Our version of the supply chain today has become much more complex. Along with this complexity, the role of supply chain management (SCM) has increased in importance.


Blue Bell kicks off product restocking following recall

Blue Bell Ice Cream is kicking off a five-phase product deployment today and getting its product back on shelves in Texas and Alabama.

Staples debuts entrepreneurial product portfolio

The seven winners of the Crowd2Shelf tech innovation contest are within consumers' reach at

3 ways to prep for the ban on trans fats

Food retailers can prepare for the ban by taking a few necessary steps.

Aligning store labor and inventory leads to customer advocacy

Inability to integrate labor and inventory forecasts can drag down customer experience.

Why hasn't RFID adoption taken off in retail?

New technologies, trends point to RFID making a big impact on retail in the coming months.

Retailers, manufacturers announce joint effort to advance item-level RFID

The initial focus of the Item Level RFID Initiative will be within the apparel sector.

The Moment of Truth: The 4 P's of Retail

All retailers use vast amounts of data to make decisions – whom to target, how to target, when to target, what to sell, how to sell, where to sell, etc. But the retailing “moment of truth”, for better or worse,...

RetailWire Discussion: Localization and limited buys

The pendulum has swung away from generalization and back toward localization, but retailers and brands are learning how to execute locally through their existing buying models.

GS1 DataBar set to improve the grocery checkout experience

The new barcode standard packs more info into a smaller space, creating opportunities for retailers and saving time for shoppers.

Microsoft's Retail Experience Center: It's all about connectedness

The Redmond giant's retail test lab focuses on connecting all the moving parts of a retail enterprise, right down to the customer level.

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General Mills sells iconic Green Giant brand in $765M deal

General Mills aims to pay down debt and repurchase shares with net proceeds from sale.

Amazon opening yet another Texas fulfillment center

E-commerce giant already employs more than 3,500 in the state.

Zenput plugs in new task-management features to drive consistent store experience

Streamlined project management features promise to save time and money.

Amazon preps Illinois center for retail-distribution needs

Amazon is getting ready to open the doors of a 500,000-square-foot fulfillment center in Joliet, Illinois.

Macy, Bloomies expand same-day delivery markets

Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s delivering same-day delivery to nine more market locations.

Sysco steps away from US Foods acquisition following federal court injunction

Sysco Corp. won't be appealing a federal court ruling against its planned $3.5 billion acquisition of US Foods and will be going back to the drawing board to determine other venues for expanding its food distribution business.

Shoplifting, employee theft top reasons for $44B retail loss in 2014

Shoplifting is the key activity spurring retail loss and resulted in a fraud cost of $44 billion in 2014. The good news is the amount of loss is declining.

Women’s clothing retailer lululemon recalling elastic draw cords

Lululemon, which sells high-end women’s clothing, is being directed by the Consumer Product Safety Commission to replace the elastic drawstring used in over 300,000 tops due to potential eye and face injuries.

Drone delivery scheduled for take off in just one year

Drones in retail delivery could be a reality within the next year as the Federal Aviation Administration is finalizing rules regarding unmanned drone operations by businesses.

Cloud-based solution available to help control supply chain

FusionOps, a provider of cloud-based supply chain analytic applications, has launched an analytics suite — FusionOps Retail — designed specifically for the retail industry.

DICK'S Sporting Goods named 'Shipper Partner of the Year'

Manhattan Associates announced this week that DICK'S Sporting Goods has been voted recipient of the annual "Shipper Partner of the Year" award.

Survey says nearly half of product manufacturers implementing item-level RFID

For retailers, RFID provides greater than 95-percent inventory accuracy, improved sales, decreased out-of-stocks, increased margins and expedited returns, according to Auburn University research.

GS1 publishes new retail RFID guidelines

Developed by retailers, suppliers and technology solution providers, TIPP offers a standardized system to benchmark the performance of RFID-tagged items in multiple environments.

East of England Co-operative deploys category management solutions from Galleria

The largest independent retailer in East Anglia, East of England Co-operative Society, has announced its plans for implementation of category management solutions from Galleria, geared to optimizing the retailer's merchandising strategy and operations. East of England Co-operative Society operates 135...

Most retail CEOs say their supply chain is not ready for omni-channel

Digitally connected consumers have turned retail models upside down as omni-channel shopping has transformed supply chain from an important business concern to a mission critical one. So profound is this change that 50 percent of CEOs recognize that their supply chain can be a strategic differentiator.

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If you don't have it in the store, they can't buy it — but too much inventory is almost just as bad. Supply chain management is the discipline of moving products from source to destination in the smartest way.