Webinar: Text Analytics 101: Watch Your Language

Words possess the power to lift you up and break you down. Especially the words of your customers. Is your company equipped to listen and act upon the messages your customers are sending about your brand?

Type: Webinar

Sponsor: InMoment

Webinar: The Emergence of LED Backlighting for Large-format Displays

Starting with the emergence of this technology in TVs and tracing its migration to professional-grade displays used for digital signage, this webinar will take you through the evolutionary adoption of LED backlight technology, just as the market for the technology gets ready to erupt.

Type: Webinar

Sponsor: NEC Display Solutions

Webinar: The Customer Engagement Convergence

How mobile, digital signage and social media converge to create active touchpoints and connections with customers. See how screenmedia technologies can create a sustainable dialogue with your target demographic to lead them down the path to purchase or toward your own ROI.

Type: Webinar

Sponsor: ComQi, Inc.

Webinar: The impact of Digital Out-of-Home on digital signage

Digital billboards, elevator displays, screens on transit – the digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising industry is emerging as one of the fastest growing areas of digital signage. This sector is also nearly recession-proof, and is predicted to continue steady growth through 2012.

Type: Webinar

Sponsor: NEC Display Solutions

WEBINAR: When Seconds Count: Ensuring Retail Business Continuity

In today’s retail business, internet connectivity is mission-critical. Every second of downtime has real impact on business process including POS transactions, online ordering, customer service, loyalty programs, inventory management, VoIP telephone and more.

Type: Webinar

Sponsor: Sierra Wireless

WEBINAR: How to Deliver a Stellar Site Search Experience: Best Practices, Usability Guidelines and more!

Site search is one of the most critical methods of product discovery on ecommerce sites. With conversions from site search being 50 percent higher than average, retailers are now aiming to provide more relevant and personalized on-site search experiences.

Type: Webinar

Sponsor: Unbxd Software Pvt. Ltd.

Webinar: Caching in on the Customer Experience

Retailers are fully aware that success lies in their ability to deliver an exceptional customer experience across all digital channels. This new, connected strategy pins retailers in a challenging corner, requiring synchronization across every store function, from tablets to kiosks to digital signage.

Type: Webinar

Sponsor: Stratacache

Webinar: Survivor's Guide to Deploying Kiosks

This is the first in a series of deployer-focused webinars where members of the Self-Service & Kiosk Association Deployer Council discuss key points to help you have a successful self-service program.

Type: Webinar

Sponsor: KIOSK Information Systems

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