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Webinar: The impact of Digital Out-of-Home on digital signage

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June 23, 2009
More advertisers buying space on DOOH networks means the demand for screens and other hardware will increase over the next few years as well.

In this informative webinar, Digital Signage Today has teamed up with NEC Display Solutions, Display Search and Lyle Bunn to take an in-depth look into the future of displays for digital out-of-home networks.

Learn about the current state of the large-format display industry and how it is poised to be a key growth area, as well as what trends in DOOH advertising are fueling that growth. A panel of experts also discuss how DOOH fits into a brand’s marketing mix, how to make money with a DOOH network and how to measure the effectiveness of the advertising on the screens.

NEC Display Solutions

Enhance your retail space with display technology to create a unique shopping experience for your customers. NEC Display Solution’s offers dynamic and flexible products to handle a multitude of functions for every aspect of your retail environment. 

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