Amazon Prime membership gets more expensive for some

Amazon is increasing the cost of its monthly Prime subscription service, from $10.99 to $12.99, which represents an increase of 18 percent. The increase, according to Recode, totals an extra $156 over 12 months.

Amazon Go store now open to the public

Amazon is opening its cashierless Amazon Go store to consumers in Seattle today, following a 14-month trial with company employees, according to The Seattle Times. Upon entering, customers scan a smartphone app that registers them into the store. After grabbing...

Aldi reaches out to vegan, vegetarian consumers

Aldi, a German-based grocery chain, is aiming to offer up a line of vegan and vegetarian items in U.S.

Amazon aims to sell Echo offline in India

As part of its marketing of its voice assistant device, the Echo, Amazon is reportedly talking about partnerships with longtime brick-and-mortar retailers in India. The news comes on the heels of Amazon's investment in offline retail in India when it...

The changing world of retail: 4 ways to defend against Amazon

The changing world of retail: 4 ways to defend against Amazon

Jeff Anulewicz, executive strategy director at MXM, explains how retailers, both online and offline, need to crack Amazon's dominance of the retail landscape.

Why Amazon may lose its influencer title in 2018

Why Amazon may lose its influencer title in 2018

While the ecommerce retailer won top shopping destination this past holiday season, and dozens of headlines related its innovations, Amazon is not immune to fail as industry watchers see more than a few weak spots in its influencer armor.

Kagan: Think retail is dying? Think again

Kagan: Think retail is dying? Think again

Analyst Jeff Kagan explains why there is no death knell to be rung for retail. Sure there is intense pressure, and certain retailers are folding, but others are rapidly growing. Retail is not dying, but it is changing.

Trump tweet: Amazon making US Postal Service dumber and poorer

President Donald J. Trump in a tweet Friday claimed mega etailer Amazon is getting richer and the United States Postal Service is getting dumber and poorer, given the low delivery fees USPS is charging the online retailer. The tweet reads:...

2017 retail influencer: Amazon

2017 retail influencer: Amazon

Customer experience is the dominant strategy in retail, and Amazon dominated in 2017 by innovating on everything from supply chain to faster delivery to expanding its reach via traditional brands to paving new roads in consumer purchase.

Report: Amazon's armor could be cracked

There may be an opportunity for retail brands to grab share from Amazon. But it would likely be due to a move by Amazon. A SmarterHQ report claims 82 percent of Amazon's Prime users — consumers who pay an annual...

Amazon Alexa skills to feature payments

Software developers will soon have the opportunity to add Amazon Pay to the voice apps that are available from the Alexa Skills Store, according to an announcement Amazon made at a conference in Las Vegas this past week. Skills categories...

Walmart, Kohl's, Amazon, Dollar Tree cited as big Black Friday winners

When it comes to in-store traffic and digital consumer spend, the big retail winners this Black Friday into Cyber Monday weekend were big names: Kohl's, Amazon, Walmart and Dollar Tree, according to Gordon Haskett research. The analyst firm reported 65...

Kagan: Old checkout lanes will choke retail stores

Kagan: Old checkout lanes will choke retail stores

Jeff Kagan has a big list of big questions for today's retailer -- from realizing the need to change to creating both a defensive and offensive strategy.

Amazon Go stores may be close to a full 'go'

Amazon is gearing up to establish a roster of Amazon Go stores, the cashierless retail strategy the mega etailer has had in pilot for just about a year, according to a Bloomberg report. Amazon is hiring personnel for the stores, claims Bloomberg.

CVS Health delivering next-day service come the new year

CVS Health will debut next-day delivery of drugs and even same-day service come 2018. The new services efforts are the latest in an ongoing battle among retailers to give consumers the fastest product delivery possible and the latest shot by...

Hilton teams up with Amazon in loyalty program strategy

Hilton Honors members can now link Amazon accounts to their Hilton account and shop Amazon using Hilton points, according to a TechCrunch report. The collaborative effort is the first time a hotel brand and Amazon have joined forces in a...

The new face of disruption: Retail in the digital age

The new face of disruption: Retail in the digital age

David Rosen, digital transformation technologist and strategist,TIBCO Software, shares how industry leaders, like Amazon, are laser focused on innovating the best means to continuously drive a positive customer experience, all while reigning in costs.

Amazon brings Amazon Pay in-store program to restaurants with Clover

Amazon has expanded the Amazon Pay in-store program to restaurants with Clover point-of-sale stations located in the northeastern part of the U.S. and Seattle area, according to a company announcement. Starting next month, customers in select areas will be able...

Amazon plans to hire on over 120K workers for holiday season

The human resources teams at Amazon are getting pretty busy as the etailer plans to hire for over 120,000 jobs this holiday season for its fulfillment, sortation centers and customer service sites. "We prepare year round for the holidays, and...

'New wave' retail is starting to crest

'New wave' retail is starting to crest

For many analysts, observers and pundits, the Sears story serves as a kind of moral or object lesson to Amazon. But ICXA Managing Director Christopher Hall also see the Sears story as a fascinating reverse-parallel to what seems to be going on in a bigger-picture sense in retail today, with a bit of a twist.

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