AML Monarch Data Sheet

The purpose-built, enterprise-class kiosk that re-defines the self-service experience.

AML Technical Brief

The Monarch kiosk is a new dimension in customer-facing technology. For the first time, x86-64 architecture is incorporated into a small-form factor, low-power stationary kiosk. The power and performance of the Monarch opens the door to a broader range of application possibilities and elevates the user experience to a whole new level.

Beyond Mobile Exploring Complementary Technologies for Omni-Channel Strategies

The pressure to create an integrated shopping experience in support of omni-channel retail strategies is very real. But there is no “finish line” when it comes to omni-channel success. It’s not just a matter of creating the right experience, it’s a matter of creating a better experience than the guys down the street…and sustaining it.

Choosing the Right Barcode Data Collection Device: Pros and Cons

Now, more than ever, retailers have to make smart decisions when making any capital equipment purchase. Most are scrutinizing these purchases like never before. To help guide your wireless handheld computing selection process, read this paper for a look at two approaches used in that technology that specifically lines out the pros and cons of each.

AML KDT3 Multimedia Kiosk

The KDT3 represents the next generation in small form-factor, self-service kiosks from AML. With its powerful architecture, the KDT3 is capable of running full screen video, playing stereo audio, scanning barcodes,and displaying stunning images on its SVGA color display.

AML KDT750 Price Checker

The KDT750 from AML is a user-friendly, full-feature price verification system that delivers outstanding functional value in a compact, space-saving footprint. Featuring simple touch screen navigation and a 5.6" full VGA color display, the KDT750 allows retailers to deploy applications...

AML KDT900 Mini Kiosk

The AML KDT900 is a full-featured, general purpose mini kiosk with a wide variety of application possibilities. Powered by Windows Embedded CE 6.0, and featuring a number of user input/output options, the KDT900 is perfect for a contemporary time-and-attendance terminal,...

Putting Small Form-Factor Kiosks to Work in Retail

Often times the question is asked, "Kiosks make sense for our stores, but how can we justify the investment?" The answer is to find a low cost device, with a versatile feature set, that can multi-task, and be more than...

The Best $1,000 a Retailer Can Spend

Mini-kiosks are versatile, multi-tasking devices that can be used by customers and store personnel to make the shopping experience less frustrating, more efficient and more enjoyable.

AML M7225 Handheld Computer

The M7225 is a richly featured, wireless handheld computer designed for use in retail, manufacturing, and warehouse data capture applications. Its industrial rating makes it durable enough for harsh or challenging environments, but it is lightweight and compact enough to be used in retail and other commercial applications.

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