Maximizing Scarce Resources During an Economic Downturn: How Retailers Can Make the Most of Customer Satisfaction Data

As recent retail news clearly indicates, the economic downturn is rapidly and drastically changing consumers’ perceived needs and spending behaviors. Customers are seeking more value for their hard-earned money and pursuing creative ways to stretch their dwindling budgets. In turn,...

Building Multi-Channel Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Many retailers measure customer satisfaction based solely on the point of sale, but satisfaction and loyalty are often strongly cemented – and potentially damaged – by other stages of the customer experience. A multi-channel retailer that truly understands the value...

Top 10 Customer Satisfaction Survey Best Practices

You probably already have a very good idea of what drives customer satisfaction. Customer service professionals can generally create surveys that, on the surface, might closely resemble those created by survey methodologists. However, the words generally, might, and closely are...

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