Introducing FreeMonee Gifts

Gifts do extraordinary things: They open doors. They deepen connections. They show respect. And with FreeMonee Gifts, they create remarkable growth for your business.

Separating myth from reality: The Facts About Card-linked Incentives

Consumers are making buying decisions under an unprecedented barrage of offers from brands—discounts, coupons, buy-one-get-ones, anything and everything that brands hope will drive purchases that wouldn’t otherwise be made. But the clutter of offers is causing consumers to tune out, instead of pulling out their wallet.

Infographic: The Power of the Gift

Find out how national brands are using gift campaigns to deepen brand relationships and bring customers to their stores.

Solving the Retail Marketer’s Dilemma

In today’s competitive retail marketplace, those retailers who can successfully drive incremental visits are winning the fierce fight for market share. The challenge for retail marketers is to craft cost-effective strategies that have the scale to impact top-line sales.

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