Employing a Single Customer View

Retailers have more information about their customers than ever before. The key, though, is to be able to have a 360 degree view of each customer in a way that provides value.

Optimize your selling channels

Matching customer information with where they are located to help retailers make better decisions and maximize their revenue.

Free Webinar: How retailers can discover the key to seamless cross-channel

Boosting customer loyalty and brand advocacy takes strategy, resources and commitment as the quest to get a single view of the customer across multiple commerce channels can prove challenging. But as two Pitney Bowes experts reveal in a free webinar it can be done and done well.

[WEBINAR] Retailers: Discover the key to seamless cross-channel connections

Join Pitney Bowes for this webinar to learn how a revolutionary approach to ‘Knowing Your Customer’ makes it possible to understand customers as individuals, discern their connections and reach each one more personally across every channel and touchpoint.

KIOSKCOM: Netkey shows deli self-order kiosk

Bob Ventresca of Netkey discusses the company's newest self-order and product locator technology from the floor of the show.

THE DIGITAL SIGNAGE SHOW: Netkey's product-lift digital signage technology

Netkey's Bob Ventresca demonstrates the company's product-lift digital signage, which helps retailers provide product information and comparisons.

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