Executive Summit: "Brain Exchange" Collaboration Concurrent Sessions

This is an intimate exchange of ideas with up to 10 of your peers on subject matter that you get to choose.

Executive Summit: Keynote Lunch: I Love You More Than My Dog

Learn about the five decisions that drive extreme customer loyalty in good times and bad from Jeanne Bliss.

Executive Summit: Q&A Session: Culture vs. Operations

How to strike the balance between economic pressure (quarterly numbers, expenses, etc.) and the idea of a strong brand promise and culture.

Executive Summit: Working Breakfast Session: In-store media and its role in customer experience

In this session, learn how in-store media is part of the path to purchase, how it impacts customer experience, and what external factors should in-store media have that connect the outside of the store with the inside of the store.

Executive Summit: Working Lunch Session: Bringing It Home - What Drives Retail Engagement, Loyalty, and Same-Store Sales?

A powerful session opened by Dr. Robert Passikoff which includes survey data from 35,500 men and women, 18 to 65 years of age. We'll close with key take-a-ways from our advisory committee.

Executive Summit: Q&A Session: Attract, Engage, Inform, Persuade: Animating the First Impression

This session explores the importance of the first impression and how not putting the right effort into it derails your success.

Executive Summit: Q&A Session: Creating an Interactive Multi-channel Experience that Complements Your Brand

There's a lot of talk about social media at retail, but not a lot of practical advice on how to actually use it to move the customer satisfaction needle. Learn best practices from real-world examples, and get advice on your social media strategy.

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