Walmart: We're making inroads against powerhouse Amazon

Walmart is beginning to close in on Amazon's territory as top online retailer and its online operations chief attributes the successful strategy, in part, to the acquisition of "I can tell you we are happy with the moves we're...

Walmart pilots self-service kiosk for fast online order delivery

A few lucky Walmart shoppers in Oklahoma City are the first to test an automated kiosk being used to distribute online grocery orders in under a minute. After placing their online order, customers select self service for pickup at the...

Wal-Mart beats the street with earnings, sales

The first quarter was a good one for Wal-Mart as the retailer bested industry analysts' predictions thanks to robust online sales. The adjusted earnings per share hit $1, a healthy increase above analysts predicting $0.96 and sales at stores open...

Warren Buffet: Retail is changing big time

Iconic investor Warren Buffett isn't very bullish on the retail segment.

Wal-Mart eyeing IoT for product tracking, replenishment service

Retail giant Wal-Mart is reportedly investigating using Internet of Things technology to develop a new way to track products in consumers' homes and help consumers when it comes to replenishing needed products. A CB Insights Cruncher report points to a...

Report: Wal-Mart top retailer in apparel sales

Amazon isn't the leader of everything in retail apparently as Wal-Mart is the top apparel retailer and part of its success is likely tied to its acquisition strategy, states a Market Watch report. Yet given Amazon has more than a...

Wal-Mart SVP: Mobile pay exceeding expectations, meeting consumers' needs

Wal-Mart SVP: Mobile pay exceeding expectations, meeting consumers' needs

There are more than a few big reasons Wal-Mart is advancing its mobile retail customer experience and the big one is consumers want a smooth, fast, easy experience. In fact, they're demanding it.

Walmart cuts shipping price, piloting new delivery approach

Walmart wants to make product delivery more efficient and cheaper and is piloting a new approach that involves both goals. The mega retailer is considering cutting off $1 off its $49 annual shipping fee and aiming to cut its three-day...

Got an innovative retail idea? Walmart wants to hear about it

Innovators aiming to reshape and reinvent retail experience have an opportunity to pitch ideas and technologies to the world's biggest retailer. Walmart is holding a Technology Innovation Open Call in October.

Wal-Mart teams with ChannelAdvisor to expand product portfolio

The partnership should make it easier for retailers to put products on the mega retailer's website.

Walmart customer satisfaction ranking takes a deeper dip

Walmart’s battling a bunch of challenges and can now add not satisfying customers to the list.

Going bananas with product placement may not be such a good move

Going bananas with product placement may not be such a good move

To put it simply, my Millennial loves bananas and is not going to be too thrilled to be so overtly manipulated.

Walmart aims to brand its future gas stations

Mega retailer will brand new gas station operations going forward in a quest for a consistent customer experience.

Walmart boosting pay, opening new stores while closing others

It’s been a busy first month of the year for mega retailer Walmart with news of store closings and a move to increase its minimum wage,

Walmart commits to add 115 new stores in China

Walmart commits to build 115 new stores in China by 2017, upgrade 50 stores this year and continue to focus on e-commerce.

Walmart enters the fray as holiday price war heats up

Walmart bracing for competition at least as bad as last year's holiday season, when heavy discounting depressed earnings across the retail industry.

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