Confirmit SmartHub is the first real customer engagement hub that enables you to capture, analyze and respond to customer feedback in real-time from a single, centralized hub. For the first time, you can easily capture and map all customer data from all your customer touchpoints into an intelligent hub, Confirmit SmartHub. Data from the companies’ existing business systems (CRM, Finance, HR, etc.) can be integrated to create a holistic view of the customer and market that enables organizations answer pressing questions, improve customer loyalty, and drive profits.

How Confirmit SmartHub helps your business

  • Gain richer insights into your customer or employee feedback by mapping many data sources together, such as business, market and employee data
  • Ensure the right relationships are established between data sources, by structuring data according to the analytics you need to perform
  • Avoid annoying customers or panelists with frequent survey invitations by controlling email frequency
  • Improve scalability and performance, especially on larger volumes of data
  • Minimize manual intervention by having the latest results automatically available in your dashboard

Combining multiple data sources

  • Multiple Data Sources in One Location: External data is brought into Confirmit SmartHub, utilizing survey databases, custom databases or contact databases
  • SmartHub Loader: Continuously monitors all data sources mapped to any hub. Checks for changes in schema and data. Whenever any change is detected, an incremental import of changed data/schema will start
  • SmartHub Designer: Eases setup, administration and monitoring when importing data into the repository.

Understanding your customers better

  • Establishes a central repository of contacts, such as customers or employees, which is automatically synchronized as respondent data is added to your surveys
  • Just requires a key that uniquely identifies your contacts, such as a customer ID or email address.

Controlling email frequency

Avoid respondent apathy, using new Contact Frequency Rules in Confirmit SmartHub

Products and Services

Genius Text Analytics

Confirmit Genius Analytics enables you to extract commercial value from unstructured text. Gain new insights by mining unstructured text from a range of sources, including survey responses, CRM platforms and more.  Learn more »
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