Where Interactivity Meets Digital Signage

IntuiFace is the world’s premier platform for creating, deploying and managing deeply interactive, connected and expressive digital signage without ever writing code.

Interactive: Your audience expects more than single touch experiences so demand it of your signage platform. IntuiFace works out of the box with any Windows, iPad, Android, Chrome, Samsung SSP and LG webOS multitouch displays. Incorporate other technologies like RFID, NFC, iBeacon, the Internet of Things or our own remote control as needed.

Connected: To maximize engagement, interactive experiences must be personalized. IntuiFace can interface with everything from the Web to the back office, from Twitter and your favorite blog to Excel and ERP/CRM/e-commerce applications. If it has an API, IntuiFace can work with it. The results are dynamic and relevant installations for everything from DOOH advertising to point-of-sale.

Expressive: Combine interactivity with connectivity and you need exponentially more compelling content. IntuiFace supports template-free authoring, giving creative teams total control over every aspect of the design and use of their own media. Drag-and-drop, point-and-click ease combined with a host of built-in graphic libraries helps even novices to build rich, branded experiences. And never, ever, write code.

IntuiFace also includes all of the traditional signage features you expect, including:

  • Content management
  • Remote deployment
  • Scheduling
  • Data tracking for analytics
  • and much more....

It’s the next generation of digital signage, unmatched in the industry.

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