Realfiction is the leading global manufacturer of 3D holographic displays for retail, events and installations. We help brands generate attention that resonates with today’s consumer who increasingly live beyond the reach of classic advertising.

By focusing the consumer’s attention, you increase the dwell-time spent with your brand/product and ultimately enhance the chances of converting to a sale – we call that Return On Attention.

Over the past decade, we’ve built our position as the industry leader in creating mixed reality experiences. Our 3D holographic displays trigger the basic human instincts of determining what’s real and not - ultimately leading to true engagement and positive connotation with your brand/product.

With our headquarters based in Copenhagen, Denmark, we are a partner-centric company operating on a global scale. Our extensive network of resellers, distributors and creative agencies is the core foundation that enables us to deliver scalable solutions for any brand activation.

Products and Services

Dreamoc XL3

The larger, elegant solution for creating remarkable brand experiences. Designed for a life on the road and continuous use in retail and event areas. Learn more »

Dreamoc 360XXL

The massive show stopper for malls, exhibitions and large scale events. A serious centerpiece solution for showcasing your brand/product in a truely impressive way.  Learn more »

Dreamoc POP3

Our one-sided 3D holographic display that makes a remarkable impact in crowded spaces. Designed for both retail and smaller promotional installations.  Learn more »
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