The KioskGuy.COM is dedicated to the OEM Kiosk Customer.

Our Mission is helping the consumer navigate the entire New Product Launch process and to find a solution that makes sense and that works!

Kiosk Manufacturing, Kiosk Design, Standard Kiosk Lines, Kiosk Software, Kiosk Industrial Design Services, Secure Kiosk Browser Software, Kiosk Components Identification.

Honestly, it is as simple as figuring out where we can engage with your needs!
18+ Year Kiosk Industry Expertice

Treatises of Kiosk

  1. 1. The kiosk industry is big enough for all of us as long as we play fair and honestly strive to give the consumer a good value for their money.
  2.  I will not take money from a customer with no clear path to giving them a legitimate chance to meet their needs, and doing so is NOT ACCEPTABLE and NEVER WAS!
  3. I will only provide credible sources for a solution based on: personal experience, due diligence and honest hard work.
  4. When a kiosk project fails because of unscrupulous business practices by one party, then the entire industry is hurt and our vision to change people's lives fails.
  5. A Best-of-Breed solution is the only way to make a kiosk project work. No off-branded, patent infringing solutions will pass through my hands to my customers.

The KioskGuy is a consumer advocate for profit corporation that will strive to meet the customer's needs and will strive to bring solutions to the world that will change people's lives.

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