Andrew Sharpe
Andrew Sharpe is the founder and Chief Storytelling Officer for BRANDSPANK Retailer Marketing--an agency that specializes in user-experience & consumer engagement for bricks & mortar retailers. A self-described retail marketing insight-er, he'’s also a highly regarded blogger and presenter. wwwView Andrew Sharpe's profile on LinkedIn

Why customer service and branding are the same thing

If you aren't investing in customer service, you're omitting the most influential piece of your brand's story.

Don't let 'holiday creep' ruin your retail story

On the surface, holiday creep may not seem like a problem for retailers, but when you take a closer look, you can see how this phenomenon contributes to the erosion of brands.

Why brand longevity means avoiding shortcuts

What happens, in a good story, when we skip certain parts or make changes to it? Quite simply, the essence of the story changes.

Improving your culture by sharing your story

Over the past few years the concept of "storytelling," from a marketing and branding perspective, has gained tremendous momentum. To someone like me, I see that as a good thing — for both consumers and organizations, alike.

Don't forget, every situation has a story

A few weeks ago, my wife started to search online for a trampoline for our kids. Our girls have been wanting a trampoline for quite some time, and so my wife and I agreed they could get one, as long as they earned the money to buy it.

Choosing the right special effects for your brand's story

Last month I was in New York City for the National Retail Federation's (NRF) annual "Retail's BIG Show" conference. For those who have never attended this event, it certainly lives up to its name: it's BIG. As I made my...

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