Arturo Nava
Arturo is the managing partner of Marketealo, a strategic marketing and innovation firm that creates and markets Latin-inspired brands. He is a forward thinking and passionate marketer, brand builder, innovator and entrepreneur with 11+ years experience leading teams to grow top consumer brands in the food & beverage, consumer products and mobile industries in the multicultural and mainstream market. www

Innovating under the Latin influence

Innovating under the Latin influence

Innovation is the life blood of any successful business; without it, companies cease to offer brands, products, services and experiences that delight their customers. Eventually, companies that don't disrupt themselves with their own innovation get disrupted out of existence by more innovative players.

Why you need to 'multiculturize' your brand

Why you need to 'multiculturize' your brand

There is a huge emerging Latino wave “Multiculturizing” America that will also change the mainstream market in the U.S. Latinos represent a massive $1.3 trillion in purchasing power and 56% of US population growth.

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