Airport shoppers enjoying new interactive retail experience

Airport shoppers enjoying new interactive retail experience

Shoppers at San Francisco International airport are experiencing a unique shopping experience due to interactive retail technology now being used to market two specific concession products at the Where Traveler concession storefront.

When consumers are looking to buy Beats by Dre headphones all they need to do is touch the product they may be interested in and a digital screen then offers up insight on the products such as key features and ratings. Shoppers thirsty for a Core Power protein drink can get insight on key nutritional information at the Where Traveler if they are selecting a botter of Core Power High Protecin Milk.

The digital display technology, according to a release, not only helps educate consumers but can help drive sales.

“Anything Interactive technology provides the ability to turn any combination of screens and/or physical displays into a rich interactive experience using a single AI camera,” states a releaseon the new retail technology effort. For a quick look at how it works check out this vimeo video.

The technology is the team work of  Pacific Gateway Concessions, an airport concessionaire, and San Francisco-based technology firm Float Hybrid.

When a shopper approaches either of the product displays, lighting and a welcome screen are activated to encourage shoppers to interact with the products to access more information. The content on screen then changes based on the products a shopper touches.Shoppers are amazed to find they control the on-screen experience and often look around in search of the source of the on screen experience.

Float’s Anything Interactive technology provides the ability to update content in real-time and understand the impact of content changes on shopper behavior. External information including flight schedules, time of day and weather can all be linked to the type of content displayed, making the experience more relevant for shoppers at the moment of engagement. The technology also tracks shopper interactions anonymously and provides that data to cloud-based analytics tools. This allows retailers to better understand shopping habits and their customer’s path-to-purchase.

“In this digital age shoppers want information in real-time to make better educated decisions. We are using cutting-edge technology to provide shoppers that education with the touch of a product,” said Kenneth Howe, head of business development and marketing at Pacific Gateway Concessions, in the announcement.

PG Concessions plans to utilize this functionality to deliver the best experience for their shoppers.

“At the end of the day it’s all about the shopper,” said Howe. “If you look at the response to our interactive displays it’s hard to argue that this isn’t something they are hungry for. We saw a 205 percent increase in sales units for our featured beverage brand and 120 percent increase for our featured headphones brand.”

“Retail has evolved into a multichannel experience where the boundaries between virtual and physical space are becoming blurred,” said Keith Bendes, business development director at Float. “We are enabling retailers to understand and respond to shoppers' needs in real-time, closing the gap on creating a seamless digital experience.”

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