For High Impact Visuals, Think Hybrid

June 12, 2015
For High Impact Visuals, Think Hybrid

How Hybrid print and digital displays optimize marketing campaigns

New media mea position paper explores how large format printers and digital signage providers can blend solutions to drive effective marketing

ATLANTA – The conventional wisdom about digital signage spelling doom for large format printers is wrong, suggests a new position paper by digital signage fabricator media mea.

The newly released paper – For High Impact Visuals, Think Hybrid: How Affordable, Dynamic Marketing Campaigns Blend Print And Digital Signage – suggests that rather than looking at each other as enemies, smart printing and digital signage companies are teaming up to generate high impact, hybrid visual solutions.

Big print provides visuals at a scale and vibrancy consumers can’t help but notice, at a workable budget, suggests the paper, while digital displays nested into that print add immediacy, interactivity and all-important motion.

The position paper is available as a free download off the media mea website.

“We are already working with some large format print-houses and printer manufacturers who, like us, see the benefits of the integration of printing and digital Signage,” says Mohamed Ghalayini, media mea’s general manager.

“Our view is that large format printing is not going away,” continues Ghalayini. “Digital signage will play a big role in keeping printing alive for a long while, by strengthening both elements for the same campaign promotional purposes.”


media mea LLC is a digital media marketing development firm specializing in the fabrication of LCD/ LED Digital Signage displays. media mea LLC is a digital media marketing development firm specializing in the fabrication of LCD/ LED Digital Signage displays. media mea is based out of Columbia, SC, USA; with branch offices in Atlanta, GA, USA, Manchester, United Kingdom, Beirut, Lebanon and Kowloon, Hong Kong. A logistics office in Dubai, U.A.E. belonging to media mea overlooks all operations of shipping and parts by supporting the large distribution network throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. media mea’s distributors are spread all over the world giving the end user a total satisfaction and quality services, while assisting businesses achieve creativity in targeting the right audience with both indoor and outdoor communication displays. media mea’s clients enjoy 24/7 customer support that ensures great ongoing services.

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