Danish Supermarket Group Manages 10 Terabytes of Business Intelligence

With more than 1,000 stores, Danish Supermarket group is one of Denmark’s largest retailers. To help keep up with customer needs, the company manages more than 10 terabytes of business intelligence data.

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Hot Topic concept Torrid automates email communication with customers

Torrid is a distinct multi-channel specialty retail concept operated by Hot Topic. It’s a fashion-forward brand that sells apparel, lingerie, shoes and accessories designed for various lifestyles targeting plus-size young women, ages 15 to 29.

Type: Case Study

Retail CRM vendor landscape and capabilities

No single vendor can deliver all functionality defined in this retail CRM solution map, but a few vendors are close. The commercially available multichannel capabilities of 21 vendors in this framework will help clients understand the current retail CRM landscape.

Type: White Paper

Improving Customer Satisfaction in Retail Banking

Uncertainty about the future is dominating the consumer’s mind and they are facing some bleak economic realities.This whitepaper will look at the impact of the current recession on banking clients and how today’s economy is shaping their choices.

Type: White Paper

Webinar: Leveraging Lean Store Operations to Improve the Customer Experience

Meeting Description: Learn how leading retailers are applying Lean Six Sigma to improve the customer experience.

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Opinionmeter Improves Customer Survey Feedback with Elo TouchSystems Solutions

Improve customer survey response rates and feedback data with automated surveys.

Type: Case Study

Top 10 Customer Satisfaction Survey Best Practices

You probably already have a very good idea of what drives customer satisfaction. Customer service professionals can generally create surveys that, on the surface, might closely resemble those created by survey methodologists. However, the words generally, might, and closely are...

Type: Research

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Customer relationship management is the science of finding customers, knowing their wants and needs, and being able to reach out to them at the most opportune times. CRM is both a discipline and a set of tools – and it is changing every day.