Webinar: The Connected Store - Integrating the customer experience with technology

New technology has given retailers the ability to connect people with specific information to build value for both the seller and the buyer. This new level of customer experience utilizes data and intelligent systems. In the Connected Store, digital signs, tablets and kiosks are no longer stand-alone entities.

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Benefits of One-to-One Marketing for Digital Signage Using Customer Recognition

How customer-identification technology can increase content targeting accuracy and ROI.

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Use Video Analytics and Data Decision Making to Grow Your Business

What if there was a gold mine of data that was going untapped by your data decision-making programs? Today, the role of video can extend far beyond security; data gathered from video surveillance can now help decision makers actually grow...

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Facial Surveillance and Other Tactics in Modern Video Security

Theft and fraud continue to plague the banking and retail industries, with increasing creativity and reach. In the banking industry, a surge in ATM and gas pump skimming is being perpetrated by organized criminal groups who can strike 100 locations...

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Proof-of-Play Provides the Basis of Accountability for Digital Out-of-Home Advertising

Accountability standards help advertisers understand how to buy digital signage ad space and determine the success of a campaign.

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Webinar: Faces in the Crowd: Audience measurement tools in digital place-based media

As digital place-based advertising grows in prominence, advertisers want to validate the metrics and successes of their campaigns as they have for generations with traditional media.

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Developments in Audience Measurement for Digital Signage

Video technology is being used to measure network audiences with pinpoint accuracy.

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The Future of Digital Signage: Integrated, Interactive, Intelligent Networks

“Digital Signage,” a frequently-used, all encompassing descriptor, reflects the economies of a fully digital supply chain for media creation, management, connectivity and presentation. Download this special Wall Street Journal supplement to learn more about the future of digital signage.

Type: Special Report

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