Meridian Kiosks, Bloom make grocery shopping a Breeze

Meridian Kiosks helped Bloom launch its innovative Breeze Info Station, creating an all-in-one kiosk loaded with value for customers and branded with Bloom's vision of service and quality.

Type: Case Study

Sponsor: Meridian

BSQUARE helps Springboard develop revolutionary shopping cart system

Springboard wanted to create a wireless, touchscreen-based device to be installed in shopping carts. Lacking resources to integrate Microsoft Windows CE in-house, Springboard decided to outsource development.

Type: Case Study

Sourcing Retail Store Fixtures from China

Sourcing fixtures from China can increase ROI, but a careful eye must be kept on hidden expenses and quality.

Type: Special Report

The Right Way to Rollout

When rolling out a fixture installation, companies can choose to use in-house staff or outsource to an experienced company. Learn the pros and cons of each method.

Type: Special Report

Self-Service at Supermarkets and Grocery Stores

For shoppers, a trip to the grocery or supermarket is often logistically challenging. Self-service technology can help them make the most of their weekly trip.

Type: Guide

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