The Business Case for Automated Retail Kiosks

Automated retail kiosks can expand your presence beyond online and brick-and-mortar retailing while offering a host of branding opportunities.

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Kiosk Branding

Kiosks are increasingly becoming an accepted part of the retail environment, but a kiosk's message is more than just the service it provides.

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Olea Metropolis Kiosk

The Olea Metropolis Kiosk, a highly customizable touchscreen retail kiosk featuring 19" wide viewing angle touch screen and amplified stereo speakers.

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As silent salespeople, kiosks do much more than simply provide a service once performed by a human being. Depending on their design, kiosks can help maintain brand identity and help inspire brand loyalty. This research center offers advice on how to maximize the branding potential of a kiosk deployment.