Increase Sales with Intelligent Shelving

Retailers and brands can increase operational efficiencies, create intimate customer experiences, and generate new revenue streams.

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Sponsor: Intel Corporation

Retail Stores of the Future: 4 Key Focus Areas

See how new digital marketing technologies and strategies can be applied to in-store interactions, so you can create immersive experiences at every consumer touchpoint.

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The Future Is Today: A Guide to Become a Digital Retailer

New digital technologies are changing the retail space and encouraging customers to purchase in-store. Read this guide for six strategies you can use to deliver the engaging customer experiences across channels.

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The Retail Customer Evolution

For those who think online and mobile shopping are leading to the demise of physical retail stores, think again. 75% of purchases are still being made in-store.

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Small-Screen Displays in a Retail Environment

As digital signage evolves, more retailers are using the technology to make an impact. Small screens can be an inexpensive way to influence customers at the point of purchase.

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Traditional Merchandising in the Age of Self-Service

With retailers becoming increasingly dependent on self-service in their stores, traditional merchandising is as important as ever. Merchandising displays are a critical component of giving consumers the information they need to make a buying decision.

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Infographic: BLE vs. NFC

This infographic compares the key similarities and differences between Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons and Near Field Communications (NFC) in how they are used to enhance the customer experience.

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RFID: Transforming the Omnichannel Retailing Experience

Omnichannel retailing is changing how the industry views the retail store. Retail stores are finding themselves functioning not only as a retail storefront but also as a shipping and fulfillment center. The key in this omnichannel universe is enhanced inventory visibility and control.

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5 Ways to Use Video for In-Store Performance

Read this 3VR-sponsored paper to see how video is now moving from its loss-prevention core competency to real-time analytics — business intelligence that provides "see it in action" proof that's invaluable for marketing and merchandising professionals.

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Shopper-ready packaging: The best packaging solution for the shopper, retailer and the brand owner

To drive down in-store labor costs, many retailers pursue shelf-stocking practices aimed at efficiency or push manufacturers for retail-ready packaging — especially for products with small primary packaging and a large number of SKUs. Consequently, this can hinder a brand’s...

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Acrilex builds backdrop for Urban Decay products in Sephora stores

Cosmetics designer Urban Decay is the authority on products that are beautiful, unusual, and cruelty-free. This trend-setting cosmetics company was on the prowl for a backdrop for its products’ display in Sephora stores that would reflect the brand’s appeal to "anyone who relishes her individuality and dares to express it."

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Design of the Times 2009 award winners

The Design of the Times Awards Competition recognizes the retail industry's best displays and promotions. More than 100 leading brand marketing and retail executives judged hundreds of entries on creativity, innovation, practicality, branding and achievement of sales and marketing objectives.

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Products strewn across shelves aren't appealing to customers, no matter how great those products are. Careful design of where products go, how they interface with the rest of the environment and their relationships with other products are all important aspects of building a great in-store experience for shoppers.