Digital Signage: A Complex Challenge Made Simple with the Right Partner

Enhance Customer Experience and ROI with Digital Signage

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The Connected QSR

Successful restaurant operators typically are skilled at serving great food, not managing IT infrastructure. A 4G LTE network can make the task of managing a restaurant's digital devices a breeze.

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Maximize VoC ROI and Improve Profitability in Retail

Retailers have unique business needs. If you want to secure a significant return on investment from your VoC program, you need to tailor it to your business. Confirmit has helped businesses like yours achieve more than 300% ROI from their VoC program.

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Tapping into the DVD Rental Market

DVD rental kiosks are growing in popularity. Learn how partnering with an innovative technology company can help you maximize ROI in this lucrative market.

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How to Improve ATM Profitability and Overcome Interchange Fee Increases

IADs can offer value-based service to merchants to build new income and customer loyalty.

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Benefits of One-to-One Marketing for Digital Signage Using Customer Recognition

How customer-identification technology can increase content targeting accuracy and ROI.

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Kaseya® Mobile Device Management

Are your users and company data moving to mobile devices? So should your management policies!

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How do I leverage my investment in my retail IT infrastructure?

As a retail organization, you must focus on continuously delivering great customer experiences that build loyalty and drive share of wallet while controlling costs and improving margins. The smart use of technology has become one of the most powerful ways...

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Ten Effective Habits of Indispensable IT Departments

It’s no secret that responsibilities are growing while budgets continue to shrink. Enact these ten IT habits throughout your IT organization to help you cut costs, create operational efficiencies and align IT to business goals.

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Retail IT Systems Management: Challenges and Solutions

Retail systems today are built with retail specific footprints, attached devices and software systems. By the very nature of retail, these systems will be widely dispersed, often only tenuously attached and business critical. This creates special challenges for IT Systems...

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Return of the CIO

The role of the CIO is suffering. Take back your place in the boardroom by transforming IT from an operational entity to a more strategic, revenue-generating role within the organization.

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Mobility in Retail

At this early stage in the smart mobile device revolution it is fair to ask some hard-nosed questions. After all, a great deal of time and money will likely be devoted to mobile platform projects in coming years and these need to be justified. So, based on my interviews with retailers and internal research, here goes a mobile retailing Q&A;.

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