ZIVELO: What is an Interactive Kiosk?

What is an Interactive Kiosk? 

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The Tipping Point for Self-Service Kiosks in Restaurants

As more and more restaurant chains explore the use of self-order kiosks, the technology may be on the road to widespread acceptance.

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Avoid Mobile Order Pick-Up Mayhem

The ideal mobile order pick-up program gives customers fast, convenient service and delivers higher throughput for restaurants and food-service venues. 

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Implementing a Billpay Kiosk Project Step-by-Step

Deploying billpay kiosks looks like a complicated process, but it doesn’t need to be.

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Four Benefits for Retailers and Customers from Self-Service Kiosks

Deployment of the technology yields benefits on both sides of the counter.

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Fast Track Convenience Stores Redefine Convenience

For more than two decades, Sterling Services has offered fresh cuisine selections for vending, dining room management and executive catering to customers in the Detroit Metro area. Sterling Services has broken new ground with Fast Track Convenience powered by Freedom Shopping, self-checkout convenience stores that use RFID technology.

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Self-Service Store Integration

Self-service technology can enhance the customer experience, but proper integration is pivotal. Learn how smartly deployed technology can unify the shopping experience while adding new customer touchpoints.

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Cinepolis marches into India cinema with IBM point-of-sale and dynamic, scalable infrastructure

Lights! Camera! Action! Cinepolis marches into India cinema with IBM AnyPlace Kiosks and Point-of-Sale systems. These powerful IBM retailing solutions are helping Cinepolis meet the challenges of expansion while enabling seamless customer service and controlling costs.

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Active Ride Shop is "dropping in" with IBM Remote Management Agent to slash downtime and streamline operations

Active Ride is dropping in with IBM Remote Management Agent to slash downtime and streamline operations. Active Ride also recently updated its POS technology with sleek IBM SurePOS 500 touchscreen terminals linked to fast, high quality IBM SureMark printers and back-office xSeries servers to speed store checkout and collect customer data.

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Self-checkout has revolutionized retail by putting the “last mile” of the transaction in the hands of the shopper. In this exclusive guide, you will learn how this technology can improve the customer experience, increase sales and drive profitability.

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IBM Checkout Environment for Consumer-Service software

To keep pace with changing marketplace dynamics, you need a flexible self checkout solution that can quickly integrate with all of your systems and applications—from the POS to the back office. You also need the solution to be customizable so you can differentiate your customer experience from your closest competitors.

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IBM Self Checkout Solutions

How innovative is your current self checkout solution?

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Why have an employee check out one customer, when they can be helping four at once? Self-check-out is rapidly winning over customers, and saving tons of money in the process.