Audience Engagement in Digital Media

Enhancing audience engagement nowadays is critical, because engaged users are more likely to trust a specific brand. They often pass through the same route or location on their way to work in the morning, back home in the evening or throughout the weekend.

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Infographic: Think Mobile First

The impact of mobile on the retail and restaurant industries continues to grow. This infographic gives the key data points to explain why mobile is an investment worth making.

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It's All About the Customer Experience

Great experiences keep customers coming back time and time again. Give your customers a “wow” experience and they will tell their friends and colleagues and share on social media.

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Like, Friend, Retweet: Top Retailers Digitally Connect with Millennials

Millennials care about, above all else, appearing to be living life to the fullest. For them, constant connection to social media means constant judgment. Social media is less about keeping in touch with friends and more about documenting noteworthy experiences through text and pictures.

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TapSnap for Business

We know that retaining customers and growing your business are top priorities for any successful enterprise. TapSnap’s photo marketing kiosks are designed for just that purpose.

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Retail Social Media Top 10

Which U.S. retailers have been most successful in building up their followings on major social networking sites? The results might surprise you.

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2011 Retail Customer Experience Top 100

Discover the companies, issues and trend that are impacting retail in 2011.

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Webinar: The Customer Engagement Convergence

How mobile, digital signage and social media converge to create active touchpoints and connections with customers. See how screenmedia technologies can create a sustainable dialogue with your target demographic to lead them down the path to purchase or toward your own ROI.

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Social Commerce: The New Internet Frontier

People have been recommending products to friends through social media for years, but social commerce will give users the opportunity to make direct, one-click purchases of recommended items.

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Socialbomb Works in the Cloud to Keep TV Fan Base Engaged Online

Socialbomb builds applications that integrate with its clients’ social platforms to create innovative, well-maintained, successful online campaigns. Unfortunately, many of its online applications were faltering at peak traffic times, which made managing campaigns difficult. The company chose Riverbed® Stingray™ Traffic...

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Webinar: Connecting contact center, social and web interactions to create superior customer service

It’s not about product price, it’s about customer relationships. It’s about every interaction you have with your customer during their life cycle. And, with an increasing number of interaction points, such as social media, it gets more complicated.

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Integrating Social Media into Customer Service

Although there are more ways than ever before to engage with customers, keeping track of all of those conversations and providing a consistent message can pose a challenge.

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