Billpay Kiosks Enhance Supermarket Customer Service

After trying a variety of solutions, Oklahoma's Homeland Stores found success with billpay kiosks from U.S. Payments.

Type: Case Study

Sponsor: U.S. Payments

Book excerpt: "The Grocers: The Rise and Rise of the Supermarket Chains"

"The Grocers" describes and analyses the strategies, organization and cultures that have made the supermarkets what they are today.

Type: Brochure

Costco Uses Virtualization to Save Space, Reduce Costs, and Increase IT Agility

Using virtualization technology, Costco can control IT spending, increase IT flexibility, and manage its virtualized server assets more efficiently.

Type: Case Study

Danish Supermarket Group Manages 10 Terabytes of Business Intelligence

With more than 1,000 stores, Danish Supermarket group is one of Denmark’s largest retailers. To help keep up with customer needs, the company manages more than 10 terabytes of business intelligence data.

Type: Case Study

Reduced Space Symbology increases efficiency, convenience at Dorothy Lane Markets

Revolutionary small barcode from the Uniform Code Council brings robust identification to produce and meat categories.

Type: Case Study

Making custom TV effective at the point of sale

Founded in 2006, POSTV is a leading Dutch digital signage network operator focusing on the retail environment. Their networks are deployed at leading retailers such as Media Market for telecom, Vodafone and Makro.

Type: Case Study

Optimizing center store meal shopping

Consumers want the right products and a smart variety merchandised in a way that simplifies their shopping experience. Quality and clarity of assortment are key to a successful center store and a satisfied shopper.

Type: White Paper

Cox’s Foodarama implements StoreNext software

The independent grocer overhauled its in-store technology, including a POS upgrade that makes life better for both customers and employees.

Type: Case Study

BSQUARE helps Springboard develop revolutionary shopping cart system

Springboard wanted to create a wireless, touchscreen-based device to be installed in shopping carts. Lacking resources to integrate Microsoft Windows CE in-house, Springboard decided to outsource development.

Type: Case Study

Reviving the cult of a once-iconic brand

In the 1980s, Colt 45 was legendary. However, over time, Colt 45 was trumped by the proliferation of new brands, beers, liquors and new age beverages that flooded the market. Cole & Weber United’s opportunity was reinterpreting Colt’s rich heritage...

Type: Case Study

Webinar - Mobile Retail: What Comes Next?

There's a lot of talk about and a lot of interest in mobile retailing, from scannable on-screen coupons to line-busting with checkout in the aisle. In this webinar, you'll learn about the state-of-the-art of m-retail technology, and practical advice on what steps to take next in order to make these dreams a reality.

Type: Webinar


Self-checkout has revolutionized retail by putting the “last mile” of the transaction in the hands of the shopper. In this exclusive guide, you will learn how this technology can improve the customer experience, increase sales and drive profitability.

Type: Guide

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One of the few things all humans share is the need for sustenance, making the supermarket one of the rare universal shopping experiences. But smart grocers can differentiate themselves by making the experience spectacular — few retailers have a product that is so well loved and needed by everyone, and intelligent use of marketing, ambiance, store design and aroma can make it an experience people are eager to have.