Talking With: The White Company and its retail customer experience strategy

The well-known British-based lifestyle/fashion/homeware retailer opened its first New York City store this month, bringing its successful customer experience strategy abroad for the first time. Retail Director Steve Morris shares the retailer's approach to CX and why it's all about a customer-first culture.

2016 in review: Top retail customer experience stories

The year 2016 was one of technology, big changes and big steps by retailers aiming to boost and hone the customer experience. Here's a look back at the big news and advancements.

Talking With: H2O+ Beauty CEO Joy Chen on relaunching a legacy brand

It's been a busy year for the company founded as H2O+, a skincare brand started in 1989, as it’s done a complete relaunch as of this past May. With a new name, H2O+ Beauty, the company is moving in a new direction. Now it's all about ecommerce and marketing innovation.

Talking With: Kevin Meagher, IoT innovator, on IoT in the retail experience

One of the biggest buzzwords of 2016 is the Internet of Things. Kevin Meagher, former VP and general manager of Lowe’s IoT Smart Home initiative, talks about where IoT is today, the challenges and where it's headed in the retail customer experience realm.

Talking With: Stratacache VP Jeff Griffin on digital media trends, the game-changer to come

Retail experience industry expert Lyle Bunn talks with Jeff Griffin as Griffin joins forces with Stratacache,

Talking With: Confirmit SVP Tore Haggren on why employees are vital to customer experience

The retail employee, whether on the store floor or in the call center, is a key element in providing a rewarding customer experience but oftentimes the human element isn’t a focus for the business.

Talking With: Ikea Sales Leader Karen Haas on why businesses must know the customer

A comparison to Apple with regard to customer experience is no small compliment and Ikea continues to expand and innovate.

Talking With: ShopperTrak Revenue Chief Kevin Kearns on loyalty program trends

Developing and implementing a customer loyalty program is at the top of most retailers' to-do list as a strategy for boosting customer experience. But loyalty approaches are not all created equally.

Talking With: InContext CEO Mark Hardy on virtual reality in the retail experience

One of the most exciting technologies coming into play in retail customer experience is the dawn of virtual reality.

Talking With: Birdzi CEO Shekar Raman on customer loyalty do's and don'ts

A prime focus for retailers is expanding and improving customer loyalty as the return customer is the best customer a retailer can have.

Talking With: Humm CEO Bernard Briggs on building the customer relationship

The customer relationship requires knowing the customer, determining their needs and what they expect.

Talking With: Euclid Analytics CEO Brent Franson on Amazon’s brick-and-mortar strategy

Focusing on the omnichannel consumer is a must for retailers, whether they're pure-play ecommerce and looking to move into physical storefronts or vice versa.

Talking With: Lionbridge Marketing VP Clint Poole on top tech, trends hitting in 2016

Find out why beacons to deliver in-store, offline digital-offers was a bust in 2015 andy why the intersection of POS tech and personalization will be a hot trend in 2016.

Talking With: Data Science Director Peter Chen on making analytics pay off

Data and data analysis are critical to be competitive in retail and an expert offers up insight on what to do and what not to do.

Talking With: Cisco Retail CTO Shaun Kirby on digital disruption

Retail Customer Experience talks with Cisco Retail CTO Shaun Kirby to get deeper insight on the digital disruption taking place in the retail segment and how technology will play a valuable role for creating highly relevant customer recommendations.

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