Webinar: Faces in the Crowd: Audience measurement tools in digital place-based media

As digital place-based advertising grows in prominence, advertisers want to validate the metrics and successes of their campaigns as they have for generations with traditional media.

Type: Webinar

Webinar: Turning Website Visitors Into Customers By Building Trust Online

People do business with those whom they trust. On the Internet, this is particularly true. If you can build more trust with your customers, your revenues can soar.

Type: Webinar

Webinar - Mobile Retail: What Comes Next?

There's a lot of talk about and a lot of interest in mobile retailing, from scannable on-screen coupons to line-busting with checkout in the aisle. In this webinar, you'll learn about the state-of-the-art of m-retail technology, and practical advice on what steps to take next in order to make these dreams a reality.

Type: Webinar

Webinar: Online Retail and the ROI of Live Help - Why Global Online Shoppers Demand Live Customer Service

A growing number of retailers are turning to live chat and click-to to-call solutions to provide live online customer service instead of forcing shoppers to use self-service or call a toll-free number. Why?

Type: Webinar

Webinar: Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) Advertising - An Agency Perspective Overcoming Challenges with New Approaches

The DOOH market is on the rise and advertising on those digital screens is becoming more prevalent in the world today. Although this is good news for targeted, high value advertising, most ad agencies still regard the media as immature...

Type: Webinar

Webinar: Leveraging Lean Store Operations to Improve the Customer Experience

Meeting Description: Learn how leading retailers are applying Lean Six Sigma to improve the customer experience.

Type: Webinar

Webinar: Seven ways to cut costs with retail systems integration and roll-outs

Retail technology like digital signage and next-generation POS can generate revenue, increase efficiency and satisfy customers – but it also requires intelligent use of resources to deploy and maintain. In this webinar, you'll learn seven strategies for working with your...

Type: Webinar

Webinar: Behind the fall of a retail giant: Seven things every retailer can learn from the collapse of Circuit City

The recent collapse of once-great electronics retailer Circuit City sent shockwaves through retail – but to many, it wasn't entirely a shock. Two former customer experience designers for the company speak out on the seven mistakes Circuit City made –...

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