Avoid Mobile Order Pick-Up Mayhem

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The ideal mobile order pick-up program gives customers fast, convenient service and delivers higher throughput for restaurants and food-service venues. 

To get it right, you've got to be sure its smart & efficient every step of the way:

1. Order and Pay App: Make sure your app is easy to use for a fast, flawless customer experience. 

2. E-Commerce Platform:Today's e-commerce systems automatically confirm customer orders and set pick-up time expectations, while ensuring orders are routed correctly.

3. Order Fulfillment Workflow:Carefully map out the order delivery process to minimize employee touches and employee-customized interactions. 

4. Customer Notifications: Once an order is ready for pick-up, notify the customer with detailed instructions on how -and where - to retrieve their order.

5. Order Pick-Up: Remember to focus on speed and convenience.  Two-sided, automated lockers streamline workflow and give customers what they really want - no wait and no lines.

Apex Supply Chain Technologies

Busy customers hate lines, so keep them happy with Apex Order Pick-Up Solutions. They get fast, self-serve pick-up with no wait. You get a powerful competitive advantage that earns customer loyalty and streamlines back-of-house workflows. 

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