Billpay: Kiosks Offer Benefits to the Bottom Line

Billpay: Kiosks Offer Benefits to the Bottom LinePublication Type:

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Billpay kiosks offer benefits to payers, billers and retailers. Payers enjoy the flexibility of paying on time but without having to write a check, while billers see significant cost savings. And retailers increase revenue and give customers yet another reason to stop by the store. In this guide, sponsored by U.S. Payments, learn how to maximize a billpay kiosk, including:

  • Attracting the computer generation
  • Ideal locations
  • Marketing the kiosk
  • Future trends

U.S. Payments

U.S. Payments supplies turn-key networks for kiosk bill payment. Our PaySite™® terminals lower the cost of in-person payments and increases customer satisfaction.

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