Finding the Sweet Spot with Bill Payment Kiosks

Finding the Sweet Spot with Bill Payment KiosksPublication Type:
White Paper

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As a turbulent economy spurs companies to seek ways to control costs, many are looking at their payment collection systems for ways to be more efficient. And for some, those efficiencies can be obtained via the use of bill payment kiosks. This white paper, sponsored by Tulsa, Okla.-based U.S. Payments, a supplier of turnkey solutions for self-service bill payment, helps determine whether or not a bill payment kiosk makes sense for a service provider by looking at not only the obvious benefits, but some of the not-so-obvious factors as well. Questions to ask when considering a bill payment kiosk, include:

• Is the person collecting payments being paid to perform a more skilled task?
• Does the payment office deal with crowds on certain days of the week?
• Is the service provider paying additional costs to provide security?

U.S. Payments

U.S. Payments supplies turn-key networks for kiosk bill payment. Our PaySite™® terminals lower the cost of in-person payments and increases customer satisfaction.

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