How Digital Signage Is Changing Corporate Communications

How Digital Signage Is Changing Corporate CommunicationsPublication Type:
White Paper

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Digital signage is dramatically changing how organizations are communicating, replacing bulletin boards and posters with high impact visual messaging that increases operational efficiencies and engages staff and customers.

Operations and Human Resources professionals are finding that traditional communication channels are not an effective means to realize business goals. A unified Content Management System (CMS) platform, running everything from performance dashboards to employee training portals, can drastically improve employee satisfaction and retention, productivity, policy compliance and more.

Companies also benefit from using a CMS for driving internal corporate communications, as well as customer-facing communications.

This position paper gives corporate and internal communicators both an overview and ideas on how networked digital displays drive important messaging across workplaces of all kinds, both behind the scenes and in front of your customers and partners.


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ComQi is a global leader providing a cloud-based Customer & Staff Engagement Technology that uses all digital touch-points - digital signage, mobile, video, touch, web, social media & IoT. Our services also include content creation, network launch & management & ongoing support. We have over 16 years of expertise & an instal

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