How to Plan and Measure the Success of a Kiosk Deployment

How to Plan and Measure the Success of a Kiosk DeploymentPublication Type:
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Self-service kiosks provide the perfect, undistracted platform for businesses and brands to engage with customers in public locations. Unlike mobile phones, kiosks can be configured as single-purpose devices, allowing brands and businesses to focus customers on accomplishing a single goal and obtaining specific results.

For this reason, countless kiosk deployments have been wildly successful, resulting in significant increases in revenue, profit, brand engagement, customer satisfaction, brand loyalty, customer retention, and employee morale, as well as decreases in operating expenses.

Not all self-service kiosk deployments are so successful, however. It all comes down to proper planning and measurement of return.

The biggest questions that people tend to overlook when planning a kiosk project are:

  • Why kiosks?What are the primary business goals that the kiosk deployment should solve?
  • How will we know if we accomplished this goal?What specific metrics will be measured to determine if the project was successful? What analytics capabilities will be built into the technology to monitor these metrics?

Time and time again, we have seen these core questions overlooked. It’s very easy to get into the specifics of hardware and software capabilities and miss the big picture. Once the answers to these two questions are clearly defined, the rest of the project can be quite easy.

This white paper contains key project planning tips to ensure that any kiosk project’s goals can be met.


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