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Webinar: Managing the Holiday Rush: Harnessing Self-Service for Improved Customer Care

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March 8, 2016
In 2015, retail sales increased by 3 percent while online stores sales increased by 9 percent. During the months of November and December, sales spiked dramatically – driving 30 percent more ecommerce revenue than during non-holiday months.
That means more orders, more customer interactions and more room for error. As busy as the holiday season is, it’s also prime time to shine in customer care, fostering more customer loyalty by enhancing the customer experience. 
Join an insightful webinar featuring Justin Borah, JustFab’s director, GMS technology and product, to learn how you can not only survive the holiday season - but boost business year round while saving on operational costs.
In this webinar you will learn how JustFab:
  • Uses self-service customer experiences to boost customer loyalty
  • Creates stronger customer experiences with multi-channel communication
  • Approaches modernizing customer experiences and loyalty 
  • Transforms customer care strategies and reduces agent calls by 30 percent
  • Embraces virtual assistant technology to bolster customer experience and loyalty
Register now to learn how you can improve customer loyalty today and increase your sales during the next upcoming holiday season!

Meet the panelists

Justin Borah
Director, GMS Technology & Product Management
Just Fab, Inc.

Justin has the primary technical responsibility for selecting and deploying a cloud-based global contact center solutions for more than 1,200 agents spanning 14 different countries and has responsibility for the ongoing technical management of those solutions.


Jane Price
VP of Marketing
Interactions LLC

With over 20 years’ experience working in technology start-ups, Jane Price specializes in bringing innovative offerings to market that make significant improvements in user experience and organizational efficiency.


Judy Mottl
Networld Media Group

Judy Mottl is an experienced senior editor, reporter, writer, and blogger who has worked for top media outlets, tech companies and publications including AOL, InformationWeek, CNET, Information Security Magazine, Investor’s Business Daily and InternetNews.

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