Programming Your Store: How to Make the Most of In-Store Digital Technologies

Programming Your Store: How to Make the Most of In-Store Digital TechnologiesPublication Type:
White Paper

Published / Updated:
March 25, 2015

Retailers are putting screens in high-visibility locations – even in shop windows facing outside to the sidewalk or mall concourses – to drive promotions or brand or product awareness.

They’re taking advantage of management platforms like EnGage that have the smarts to match messaging priorities and timing to the attributes of individual stores – tying what shows on screens to things like location, demographics or even product availability. Why promote jeans when they’re not in stock, right?

They’re using everything from single screens on support columns and on end-caps, to groupings of displays tiled in horizontal rows for menus and for interesting wide-format content. They’re also putting in large video walls, in rectangle and mosaics, as architectural features that are part of their retail experience. digital technologies. They’re looking at shopper journey, and the choreography of their retail environments, to optimize where the screens are, what they say and how they’re used.

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