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Special Report

Published / Updated:
Feb. 9, 2018

Kustomer's most recent and intensive research report, authored in partnership with Customer Contact Week Digital (a division of IQPC), takes an in-depth look into the state of customer experience for retail businesses.

If you’re at a retail brand, definitely pay attention, because one thing became very clear: CX is the main differentiator for retail.

The research shows that you must avoid the major retail trap and focus on the entire customer lifetime journey — not just the Point of Purchase. Retailers need to optimize their interactions, but stay focused on increasing lifetime value with simple, personal experiences. And despite their commitment, most retailers aren’t capable of delivering these experiences.


  • The #1 priority of most retailers is to reduce the effort customers need to spend in their customer experience. The #2 priority is automation.
  • The #1 frustration for agents is disconnected systems.
  • 80% of retailers say that their customers struggle to move between touchpoints without having to repeat information.

In this Special Report on customer experience for retail, we dive deep into the opportunities for retailers and how they’re capitalizing on them to improve their experience and drive business growth. Navigate the state of retail CX, and uncover exciting new opportunities—and clear steps to success. Topics include:

  • 4 unique challenges/trends that are impacting the retail CX
  • The silver bullet that can improve the customer experience – in any industry
  • Top 7 objectives for the retail customer experience
  • 10 ways to create the ideal customer experience
  • A customer experience assessment test

Download this Special Report provided by Kustomer Inc. to learn more. 

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