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[WEBINAR] Convert more mCommerce orders with less fraud

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March 30, 2017
Learn the key trends and fraud prevention techniques for the mCommerce world. 
As more and more consumers conduct commerce on their mobile devices, the chance of fraud increases. If mobile commerce is part of your overall selling strategy, understanding the differences between eCommerce and mCommerce fraud management is critical. 
Download this webinar, ‘Convert More Mobile Orders with Less Fraud’, and gain insights on how to build fraud strategies for your mobile sales channel.
We cover:
  • eCommerce vs mCommerce – the difference between the two, and the implications in terms of fraud management
  • Data – understand the type of data you will need to capture to effectively manage mCommerce fraud
  • Tools and rules – learn the different approaches that you should consider when deploying tools to detect mCommerce fraud
  • Measurement – the importance of analysis when fine-tuning your fraud strategy for mCommerce.
All the differences in behavior, data and tools associated with your mobile channel should lead logically to differences in your fraud rules – especially with the objective of minimizing manual review and rejecting of valid customer orders. If these differences aren’t planned for, your organization may experience higher rates of fraud across your mobile channel.

Meet the panelists

Nathan Wood
Director of Product Management

Both as a merchant and as a leader at CyberSource, Nathan has been at the forefront of fraud prevention for over ten years. He works to ensure valuable, accurate, and easy to use fraud prevention enhancements are paramount throughout the CyberSource product lines. Having spent time assigned in Singapore, Nathan leverages his global fraud and payment experiences to ensure all geographies’ needs are met.

Dean Weinert
Senior Director, Product Management

Dean is a noted industry expert in issues relating to online fraud, cybercrime and information security. He founded the security division for a government, military and enterprise-focused systems integrator in Australia in 2001. In 2006, he formed a partnership with TrustDefender to integrate their unique security solution into financial institutions in the Australian market. After working closely for five years, he joined the TrustDefender team. In 2011, TrustDefender was acquired by ThreatMetrix and Dean relocated to the head office in California as Director of Mobile Products.

Will Hernandez
Editor - MobilePaymentsToday.com
Networld Media Group

Will has covered and written about the payments industry for nine years and specializes in emerging technology, including mobile payments and the Internet of Things.

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