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[LIVE WEBINAR] Eliminating Islands of Technology in the Age of the Customer

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May 10, 2017
Date: June 22, 2017 | Time: 2:00 PM EST | Duration: 60 Minutes

Today’s retail shopper expects a seamless experience across all screens and channels, and is empowered to demand flawless experiences. In turn, retailers now recognize that they must deliver tailored customer experiences to retain those customers, providing relevancy and value across digital and in-store transactions. They must also use various types of data to fuel that level of personalization, while leveraging data equally on the back-end to improve operations and inventory management.

However, while most retailers are proficient at collecting data from across operational, marketing, and merchandising channels, they struggle with turning the data into actionable insights. Without integrated analytics platforms, data languishes in siloed systems, experiences fail to be optimized, and customers are driven to the competition due to their needs not being met.
Join guest Forrester Research principal analyst Brendan Witcher and Ryan Parker from Intel, as they discuss insights from an Intel-commissioned survey of retail decision makers in the US, UK, Germany, Japan and China. 
In this webinar, you will learn: 
  • Why personalization is becoming the number one investment in retail today
  • What it means to be a data-driven organization, and how it's used to personalize experiences
  • How retailers are leveraging customer and operational data to drive seamless experiences and empower sales associates

Meet the panelists

Brendan Witcher
Principal Analyst
Forrester Research

Brendan is a leading expert on eCommerce business, consumer behavior, and technology trends in the digital engagement space. He is also a noted authority on technology developments that affect both online and offline commerce industries, as well as vendors that help facilitate delivery of today's leading strategies and tactics in digital excellence

Ryan W. Parker
General Manager, Responsive Retail
Intel Corporation

Ryan serves as a General Manager, Responsive Retail within Intel’s Internet of Things Group.  He works with the IoT and Cloud ecosystems to bring IoT-based insights that provide rich customer experiences, solve inventory distortion challenges, and optimize complex workforce challenges.    

Judy Mottl
Editor, RetailCustomerExperience.com
Networld Media Group

Judy is an experienced editor, writer, reporter and blogger who has worked for top media including AOL, InformationWeek and InternetNews. She’s written everything from breaking news to in-depth trends and has won awards on the local, state and national level for feature coverage and investigative journalism.

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