[WEBINAR] Faster, Smarter, Cheaper: Top 7 Customer Experience Hacks for Retail

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April 25, 2017
Today’s shoppers are more demanding than ever before, expecting each interaction at every stage in the path-to-purchase to be smart, personalized and more convenient. But operational silos and fragmented systems stand in the way of a retailer’s ability to deliver delightful customer experiences.
In this webinar, Todd Enders, VP Product Marketing, Salesforce Service Cloud, discusses the top retail hacks to unlocking delightful experiences that bring shoppers back for more.
Download this webinar to learn how some of the world’s leading retail brands:
  • Deliver a seamless interaction across digital and physical channels
  • Increase customer retention by personalizing every interaction
  • Elevate customer satisfaction by focusing on tools to deliver smarter customer service, faster

Meet the panelists

Todd Enders,
Vice President, Product Marketing,
Salesforce Service Cloud

Todd Enders is the VP of Product Marketing for Customer Service technology at Salesforce. He led marketing at two mid-sized firms before joining Salesforce to drive product marketing for the $2B Service product suite. He works with Salesforce's customers to drive innovation around customer experience and has a background in Sales, Sales Operations, Product Management, and Industry innovation. Todd has been a product manager for BI applications at Oracle, Primavera, and Evolve and spends less time than he’d like tweeting from @toddenders with Salesforce customers and Customer MVPs.  

Judy Mottl,
Editor, RetailCustomerExperience.com,
Networld Media Group

Judy Mottl is an experienced editor, reporter and blogger who has worked for top media including AOL, InformationWeek and InternetNews. She’s written everything from breaking news to in-depth trends.

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