[WEBINAR] Why Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Essential to Your Customer Care Strategy in 2018 and Beyond

[WEBINAR] Why Artificial Intelligence (AI) Is Essential to Your Customer Care Strategy in 2018 and BeyondPublication Type:

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Everybody is talking about artificial intelligence (AI)—it’s not just a buzzword anymore. But when thinking about incorporating AI into your retail customer care efforts, are you unsure where to start? Utilizing AI in the retail customer care space allows you to deliver superior customer service and brand experience while providing significant operational savings and achieving business goals.

In this webinarm Mark Beccue, Principal Analyst at Tractica, and Jane Price, VP of Marketing at Interactions, host an interactive dialog that examines how AI is being implemented in the retail customer care space. In this webinar, participants will explore:
  • How AI is being applied in customer care settings. What are the market trends and drivers?
  • AI applications and benefits specific to retail customer care.
  • How AI is being used to decrease customer effort, gain customer loyalty, and differentiate brand.
  • How AI can help you interact with customers via the channel of their choice.
  • What are the best practices for successfully implementing AI in customer care.

Meet the panelists

Mark Beccue
Principal Analyst

Mark Beccue is a principal analyst contributing to Tractica's User Interface Technologies practice, with a focus on virtual reality, augmented reality, virtual digital assistants, natural language processing and other intelligent interfaces and collaboration tools. beccue, who is based in Tampa, is a veteran market research analyst with more than 20 years of experience in market and business strategy. 

Jane Price
Vice President, Marketing

With over 20 years experience at technology start-ups, Jane specializes in bringing innovative offerings to market. Combining an engineering background with extensive product management and marketing experience, Jane has focused her career on helping early stage and disruptive companies succeed.

Judy Mottl
Editor, RetailCustomerExperience.com
Networld Media Group

Judy Mottl is an experienced editor, writer, reporter and blogger who has worked for top media including AOL, InformationWeek and InternetNews. She’s written everything from breaking news to in-depth trends and has won awards on the local, state and national level for feature coverage and investigative journalism.

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